The listing of coinbase benefits the exchange and ignites the upward momentum of ngkex platform currency

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listing coinbase benefits exchange ignites

The global The largest digital currency transaction platform Coinbase On In recent days, announce , take 4 month Mid Listed on NASDAQ through direct trading ,Coinbase The listing shows that cryptocurrency will enter the era of standardized development , It's a new starting point and milestone , It's also in the era of digital economy , Encryption assets into the inevitable process of the traditional capital market .


With Coinbase The launch date is approaching , Most platform currencies have also continued to rise , In this ,NGK Ecological Institute My platform currency NGK With average per day 2.1% In the platform currency sector, the rise in the price of .


NGK yes NGK The original token of the public chain , It's also NGK The platform coin of the Institute of Ecology , Issued in 2020 year , Total circulation 10 Million pieces . meanwhile ,NGK Tokens, yes NGK Ecological token of decentralized financial services in the future , and NGK Community governance pass .

Actually From this year 1 month ,NGK Price It's floating and rising , stay 2 month Share , It's the Spring Festival Before and after ,NGK The project side issued an official announcement that NGK After the launch of the Institute of ecology and the star project ,NGK I started to work . And then NGK And then we started the new person assistance program and NGK The hundred times energy burst project , The launch of these two plans makes NGK from 1 In the 1 The dollar has gone up so far 1.7 dollar , Current prices and NGK The initial price has been dozens of times different .

summary NGK Rise , except Thanks to the Coinbase Listing is good for equalizing the Taiwan dollar , It's also NGK Ecological Institute A big show of strength .


It started at the end of last year ,NGK Our future strategy It's already starting to change , And determined “ Tap the potential ” and “ Development NGK Ecological Institute ” Two main lines unfold .


Tap the potential This point It's actually NGK What the project has been doing ,NGK Many ecological projects have been discovered since the project was launched , Including the liquidity mining project and star plan project launched before , And most of them bring considerable benefits to users , Such as BGVSPCVAST wait .NGK project Think of users everywhere , And led some users to realize the freedom of wealth .


stay NGK In the eyes of the project side , stay NGK ecology In the community ,NGK Ecological Institute Is the connection Projects The link between , And in this big community , Each project should work with the user grow up . In order to achieve this goal ,NGK Project side take NGK Ecological Institute treat as another A blockbuster product Focus on , and NGK As its platform, token is also NGK The focus of the project is to create objects .  present Now We can see clearly that , in order to More Provide NGK The liquidity of ,NGK Ecological Institute Added more NGK The deal is right , And now NGK Except online NGK Outside the Ecological Center , In the near future, it will launch a world-famous trading platform WBF, In the future, the world's first-class exchanges will be launched simultaneously .


According to the present NGK The performance of the , Maybe NGK Will be in 2-3 Before entering the global market value 15, Let's wait for .

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