An article about grid quantitative transaction

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article grid quantitative transaction

Learn about encrypted grid quantization jiao easy

After COVID-19 , There has been a unilateral upward trend in the cryptocurrency market for some time , Like bitcoin , It's going up for a while . The current cryptocurrency market seems to have entered a consolidation period , Especially in the last month , There have been many shocks . Although bitcoin can be bullish for a long time , But many users have also noticed the recent market volatility , The price is very volatile . The price of bitcoin has fluctuated at least five times in just 40 days , Almost once a week , Small shocks are more frequent .

A lot of cryptocurrency market investment zi In such a volatile market, investors will feel at a loss , Even if you know to “ Catch up when you see a rise and cut when you see a fall ” It's also hard to do in practice , This leads to less and less assets in hand . besides , In the face of a volatile market , The mentality of users is also different , Some users want to leave , Some want to increase their positions , But since it's a volatile market , It is very difficult for users to grasp the accurate admission and exit time . therefore , In the current market situation , Users in the encryption market should not blindly predict and place orders based on their feelings , It's following the scientific and rational “ Measures should be taken to shock the market ”.

In the traditional stock market jiao There is one in Yi “ grid jiao easy ” We can deal with volatile market , such jiao Easy strategy by setting the price range , Divide the planned funds into several equal parts , Carry out mechanized operation , It can also be said to be quantitative jiao easy , Sell when it goes up , Sell when it falls , Then it can effectively reduce the long-term investment zi Cost of , And be able to accumulate profits in the volatile market environment , at present , A few dozen jiao ESW has also begun to quantify this grid jiao Yi was introduced into the cryptocurrency market , By throwing high and shooting low zi Method , Maximize investment zi The benefits of the investor .

“ grid jiao easy ” Entering the cryptocurrency market

From historical data we can see that , In the cryptocurrency market, the time of market turbulence accounts for about 70% Time for , Therefore, it is often difficult for users to grasp the direction of the quasi market , Only professional investors zi Only in this way can we gain in the cryptocurrency market li Accumulate funds .

Now the market supports grid jiao Yi's cryptocurrency jiao There are not many of them , But these jiao Easy to provide users with a lot of user-friendly services . And the setting of grid policy is very simple , Very friendly for novices and ordinary users . For example, you can order in intelligent mode , Direct selection strategy , No need to configure parameters .

If you want to customize your order, you can also , Just fill in the price range yourself 、 Number of grids 、 Input amount can complete the parameter configuration , Click generate strategy and the order will start automatically jiao easy .

It should be noted that , After the policy is successfully generated , It will automatically divide the assets invested by users into “ Quantitative account ” in , After policy stop , The invested assets and income will be transferred to “ Currency account ” in .

therefore , The user is executing the grid jiao In the process of e-commerce, you just need to choose or configure the strategy at the beginning , After that, all the activities can be performed by the quantization robot . Users don't need to keep an eye on the market and can easily get profits . This shows the grid jiao Yi is at the right time in the current volatile market , grid jiao Yi also has great opportunities , It will attract the attention of many new and old users .

grid jiao The advantages and precautions of Yi

It should be noted that , grid jiao Although Yi said that he can guarantee to earn grid profits , But if you encounter a unilateral decline in the market , It may cause losses . and , Because of the grid jiao Yi's current applications are not many , So the user is selecting the currency for Grid jiao Be very careful when it comes to e-commerce .

In theory, increasing the grid density can have the opportunity to profit in a more subdivided price range , But it's not , When the total amount of the grid is fixed , An increase in the number of grids will reduce the price difference of a single grid and the number of purchases of a single grid , Reduce words jiao The benefits of Yi . In summary, it is , The higher the grid density is , The profit of a single grid is lower ,jiao Yi's frequency will be higher , The service charge will increase along with it ; The lower the grid density , A single grid is more profitable ,jiao Yi's frequency will be lower , The service charge will be reduced . So it's also important to choose a reasonable grid density , Avoid too frequent jiao easy , Reduce the handling charge .

also , Because of the grid jiao The particularity of Yi itself , It will take some time to see the advantages after the strategy starts , Not in the short term zi There's too much revenue feedback from investors , Over time , stay jiao Optimize the parameters of the strategy in the process of e-commerce , You can see better results . Of course, users are jiao In the process of e-commerce, if the currency stops trading 、 Delisting in these unpredictable situations , The grid policy stops automatically , Users need to be prepared for these situations .

grid jiao easy , Or grid quantization jiao easy , The advantage is that you won't be affected by human emotions , Once the policy is set, it will be executed in strict accordance with the set policy . With the current frequency of market shocks , There must be a lot of cryptocurrencies in the future jiao Easy to push out the grid jiao easy .

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