The development direction of ngkex and uniswap continues to differentiate. Who will be better in the future?

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development direction ngkex uniswap continues

Two people on different tracks from the beginning , In the end, they may not be on the same track . this sentence , It's also applicable to today's particularly good development situation NGKEX And Uniswap.


Maybe very few people will NGKEX And Uniswap Connect , Even in association with , It's just that they're on the same track , namely DEX Track . And the rest , You can think of , That is Uniswap It has been developing for a long time , and NGKEX It's a new one DEX platform , Not yet with Uniswap par .


You bet , In terms of birth time ,NGKEX Not yet Uniswap On a par . however , In terms of influence in the market ,NGKEX Can be with Uniswap Comparable .



Even though NGKEX It hasn't been online long , But it has Uniswap Advantages not available , Therefore, it is also welcomed by many ecological builders . Some ecological builders are seeing NGKEX In the future , Give up decisively Uniswap, Turn and run to NGKEX In my arms .


You bet , Compared to many users ,Uniswap Born for a long time , It belongs to the old brand DEX platform . But the old card , It also means tradition 、 conservative , In many concepts, we can't follow the pace of new things at any time , It's also very difficult to produce innovation in thinking or technology .


Take the nearest one Uniswap V3 Come on , It's not hard to see from the mood of the market , It's hard to break through V2 technology , So it disappoints a lot of people .V3 After birth , Not only did it not cause UNI The big rise of , Instead, it promotes UNI Opened the way down .


And with the Uniswap Different ,NGKEX As an emerging DEX platform , Nature has new technology and new platform concept . This point , It can be seen from the core consensus algorithm . When Uniswap Still adhering to the tradition , When building the Ethereum protocol as a cornerstone ,NGKEX We have adopted the consensus of our own public chain DPOSS, In this way, Ethereum's high handling charges are avoided 、 The disadvantages of network congestion . It turns out that ,NGKEX This is a very correct way . and Uniswap But always suffering from the disadvantages of Ethereum , It also makes many users lose confidence .


Besides , In terms of value proposition ,Uniswap Always focus on your current problems , So it's constantly upgrading and optimizing , Launched V2、V3, But it doesn't help with practical problems . and NGKEX They have already spread their vision beyond themselves , And is actively planning . At present ,NGK The major industrial chains are being laid out , And will issue related tokens . and NGKEX To provide a place for these tokens to be traded , Let all users through NGKEX Make a deal , Bring enough liquidity to these tokens , And then it can enhance the value of ecological industry .


therefore , You can see from the above ,NGKEX And Uniswap The direction of development of the industry continues to diverge , Two roads . that , Who will be better in the future ? Xiaobian believes , Time is the best answer .



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