How can ngkex, usdn and bgv jointly build a complete NGK ecosystem?

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ngkex usdn bgv jointly build

NGKEX The Institute of ecology is based on NGK Public chain's synthetic asset issuance agreement and contract trading platform , Use the relevant digital cryptocurrency issued by the project as collateral , Any cryptocurrency or stock synthesized through smart contracts and Oracle 、 bond 、 Gold and other assets under the chain . Users can forge some kind of synthetic assets by mortgaging related coins , Like the dollar , It automatically becomes the bull of the asset . Users can also convert the cast assets into other assets through the trading platform , So as to short the asset , The purpose of long other assets . The assets cast by users are the liabilities corresponding to the whole system , The proportion of liabilities of each user has been determined at the time of mortgage , From this we can calculate the profit of each . because Such a mortgage pool model does not require counterparties , A perfect solution DEX The problems of liquidity and trading depth .

NGKEX The mission of the Institute is to be a stable currency 、 Synthetic asset issue 、 Mortgage lending 、 It is an open financial platform integrating decentralized contract exchange and multi chain transfer bridge . The stable currency is a very important part , And will become NGK Important infrastructure in Ecology .

besides , As DeFi The world's leading synthetic asset platform NGK Now it's released BGV Digital encryption assets . And the most important of all is USDN, The stable currency under its platform , It's worth hundreds of millions of dollars .

NGK The stable currency created is decentralized , Multi asset mortgage , Support cross chain , And support real-world asset access through the bridge , That is, the synthetic assets generated by users through collateral USDN Stable currency , Its currency has always been equivalent to 1 dollar .

The biggest difference between it and the previous decentralized stable currency is that it does not need to pay stabilization fee or interest , It's issued in the form of a pool of synthetic asset collateral .

therefore , user adopt NGK The pool of collateral generated from collateral USDN The cost is determined by the relative increase of all synthetic assets in the whole system , Instead of being artificially regulated like the previous decentralized stable currency ( for example MakerDao Of Dai).

Such costs are more market-oriented , At the same time, it is equivalent to stabilizing the inflation rate of the currency to the world's assets . The advantage of this is , If the user puts NGK As a mortgage platform , Borrow through collateral USDN Stable currency , Then users don't need to pay interest like traditional platforms . The only cost users pay for borrowing is the profit and loss determined by the relative increase of synthetic assets .

All in all ,NGK The stable currency USDN and BGV Other currencies ,NGKEX Ecological Institute , Together NGK A complete ecosystem in the system , It can satisfy all kinds of needs of users DeFi And other needs .

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