Blockchain weekly: Meitu has 940 bitcoins; bitmainland sued Yang Zuoxing again; Yibang international responded that it was short

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{"type":"doc","content":[{"type":"blockquote","content":[{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" Blockchain weekly news column from the industry trends 、 Digital currency 、 Authoritative point of view 、 Regulatory and technical aspects , Summarize the headlines in blockchain this week , Let you know the latest trends of the industry more quickly . More information on official account : Blockchain outpost (ID:blockchain-666)"}]}]},{"type":"heading","attrs":{"align":null,"level":2},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" Industry trends "}]},{"type":"heading","attrs":{"align":null,"level":4},"content":[{"type":"text","text":"Coinbase Total revenue for the first quarter 18 Billion dollars , Month on month user growth 117%"}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","marks":[{"type":"color","attrs":{"color":"#494949","name":"user"}}],"text":" "}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","marks":[{"type":"color","attrs":{"color":"#494949","name":"user"}}],"text":" According to the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase Released on Tuesday 2021 The first quarter performance forecast report of 2007 , expect Coinbase Monthly trading users of (MTU) rose 117%, from 2020 In the fourth quarter of 280 Wan to 2021 In the first quarter of 610 ten thousand . Authenticated users ( Namely ownership Coinbase The total number of people in the account ) from 2020 At the end of 4300 Wan to 5600 ten thousand . The total revenue for the quarter was 18 Billion dollars , The net income is about 7.3 Million to 8 Billion dollars , Adjusted EBITDA (EBITDA) about 11 Billion dollars ; In transactions 3350 Billion dollars . In the first quarter, the assets on the platform grew from 900 $billion to 2230 Billion dollars , Close increase on a month on month basis 150%; The share of the cryptocurrency market is 11.3%."}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","marks":[{"type":"color","attrs":{"color":"#494949","name":"user"}}],"text":" "}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","marks":[{"type":"color","attrs":{"color":"#494949","name":"user"}}],"text":" "}]},{"type":"heading","attrs":{"align":null,"level":4},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" Yibang international responded : The board and its audit committee will examine allegations and false information "}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","marks":[{"type":"color","attrs":{"color":"#494949","name":"user"}}],"text":" "}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","marks":[{"type":"color","attrs":{"color":"#494949","name":"user"}}],"text":"4 month 6 Sunday night , Short agency Hindenburg research (Hindenburg Research) Published a short report on Yibang International , The latter is suspected of insider trading and illegal transfer of funds , Affected by this , Yibang international shares closed down in the U.S. market 12.91%."}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","marks":[{"type":"color","attrs":{"color":"#494949","name":"user"}}],"text":" "}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","marks":[{"type":"color","attrs":{"color":"#494949","name":"user"}}],"text":"4 month 7 Japan , Yibang international, a blockchain technology company (EBON.US) Response statement , The Hindenburg report contains many mistakes , There are conjectures without evidence and inaccurate explanations of events . The board of directors of the company is also aware of the short report of Hindenburg . The board and its audit committee will further examine these allegations and false information , And will take all necessary and appropriate actions to protect the interests of shareholders ."}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","marks":[{"type":"color","attrs":{"color":"#494949","name":"user"}}],"text":" "}]},{"type":"heading","attrs":{"align":null,"level":4},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" The media : Bitmainland sued Yang Zuoxing again , Claim demage 9900 Ten thousand yuan "}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","marks":[{"type":"color","attrs":{"color":"#494949","name":"user"}}],"text":" "}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","marks":[{"type":"color","attrs":{"color":"#494949","name":"user"}}],"text":" It is reported that , Bitcontinental Technology Co., Ltd ( It's called bit continental for short ) Yang Zuoxing and his Shenzhen bit Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd ( It's called bit micro for short )、 Shenzhen bit Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch ( It is called bit micro Beijing company for short ) As a defendant , Filed a lawsuit against infringement of trade secrets with Beijing Intellectual Property Court , The amount of the object of action 9900 Ten thousand yuan . according to the understanding of , Beijing Intellectual Property Court has officially accepted the case ."}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","marks":[{"type":"color","attrs":{"color":"#494949","name":"user"}}],"text":" "}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","marks":[{"type":"color","attrs":{"color":"#494949","name":"user"}}],"text":"2019 year , Bitcontinental cited Yang Zuoxing and bitmicro for infringing trade secrets , Request the public security organs to take criminal measures against Yang Zuoxing and other subjects . according to the understanding of , This time, bitcontinental launched a lawsuit for infringement of technical secrets , The purpose is to ask Yang Zuoxing and bitmicro to make up for the economic losses caused by their infringement , At the same time, it is required to stop infringing trade secrets ."}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","marks":[{"type":"color","attrs":{"color":"#494949","name":"user"}}],"text":" "}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","marks":[{"type":"color","attrs":{"color":"#494949","name":"user"}}],"text":"2020 year 8 month 21 Japan , Shenma mining machinery operator Shenzhen bit Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. has several industrial and commercial information changes : Founder Yang Zuoxing leaves office as legal representative , Still Chairman 、 The post of general manager . Regarding this , Bit micro reply says , The relevant adjustment belongs to the company's arrangement , Corporate governance remains unchanged ."}]},{"type":"heading","attrs":{"align":null,"level":4},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" The Bank of Japan launched the central bank's digital currency experiment , It's going to last for a year "}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","marks":[{"type":"color","attrs":{"color":"#494949","name":"user"}}],"text":" "}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","marks":[{"type":"color","attrs":{"color":"#494949","name":"user"}}],"text":"4 month 5 Daily news , The Bank of Japan said , Start the digital currency experiment of the central bank , The central bank's digital currency test will last for a year . The first phase of the proof of concept of the central bank's digital currency started today , The central bank issues digital currency 、 Trials on issues such as distribution and redemption will continue until 2022 year 3 month ."}]},{"type":"heading","attrs":{"align":null,"level":4},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" Issued by the State Administration of radio, film and television 《 Content audit standard system based on blockchain (2021 edition )》"}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","marks":[{"type":"color","attrs":{"color":"#494949","name":"user"}}],"text":" "}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","marks":[{"type":"color","attrs":{"color":"#494949","name":"user"}}],"text":" The State Administration of radio, film and television issued 《 Content audit standard system based on blockchain (2021 edition )》, The standard system is based on the content audit standard system of blockchain, aiming at promoting the healthy and sustainable development of media content , From the actual development of content audit business , It covers the content audit system based on blockchain 、 The business process 、 Security 、 Management, etc , Promote the standardized construction and operation of content audit system based on blockchain . Blockchain is divided into content-based audit system 、 Business 、 Security 、 And management , common 13 Criteria ."}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","marks":[{"type":"color","attrs":{"color":"#494949","name":"user"}}],"text":" "}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","marks":[{"type":"color","attrs":{"color":"#494949","name":"user"}}],"text":" For more details :"},{"type":"link","attrs":{"href":"http:\/\/\/art\/2021\/4\/2\/art_113_55655.html","title":null,"type":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":"http:\/\/\/art\/2021\/4\/2\/art_113_55655.html"}],"marks":[{"type":"color","attrs":{"color":"#494949","name":"user"}}]}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","marks":[{"type":"color","attrs":{"color":"#494949","name":"user"}}],"text":" "}]},{"type":"heading","attrs":{"align":null,"level":4},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" Shenzhen digital RMB test population to expand 50 10, , Luohu District will introduce and cultivate R & D Application institutions "}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","marks":[{"type":"color","attrs":{"color":"#494949","name":"user"}}],"text":" "}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","marks":[{"type":"color","attrs":{"color":"#494949","name":"user"}}],"text":" shenzhen 4 month 10 From July to this month 23 The pilot of digital RMB will be launched in Japan , The test population was expanded 50 10, . This pilot project mainly focuses on “ Use digital RMB to enjoy consumption discount ” At the core , Total amount of discount 1000 Ten thousand yuan . future , Luohu District of Shenzhen city will actively introduce and cultivate a number of digital RMB R & D and application institutions , Strive for the settlement of digital RMB operation center ; Accelerate the application of digital RMB scenarios , Explore government affairs 、 Medical care 、 education 、 traffic 、 Consumption and other global pilot projects , Accelerate the realization of full coverage of digital RMB revenue and expenditure system . It is reported that , At present, the number of merchants who have completed the transformation of digital RMB system in Shenzhen is 3 More than ten thousand ."}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","marks":[{"type":"color","attrs":{"color":"#494949","name":"user"}}],"text":" "}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","marks":[{"type":"color","attrs":{"color":"#494949","name":"user"}}],"text":" It is reported that , Shenzhen Branch of China Construction Bank faces the whole city of Shenzhen “ Digital RMB APP” User development “ The spring gift of digital RMB in Luohu District ”1000 Ten thousand yuan discount . User pass i Luohu platform application “ Digital RMB APP” Qualification for use , It is issued by lottery , Draw lots from 4 month 10 Japan 9 Start when ."}]},{"type":"heading","attrs":{"align":null,"level":2},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" Encryption construction  "}]},{"type":"heading","attrs":{"align":null,"level":4},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" The number of bitcoins held by Meitu reaches 940 gold "}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","marks":[{"type":"color","attrs":{"color":"#494949","name":"user"}}],"text":" "}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","marks":[{"type":"color","attrs":{"color":"#494949","name":"user"}}],"text":" data display , After Metso bought another $10 million of bitcoin , The number of bitcoins it has publicly announced has reached 940.89 gold , The value is about 5453 Thousands of dollars . People familiar with the matter said , The latest cryptocurrency transaction of Meitu is via Hong Kong OSL Digital asset exchange completed .OSL It is the first licensed exchange in Hong Kong .2020 year 12 month 15 Japan ,OSL Licensed by the SFC , Tradable BTC、ETH And security tokens that pass the screening ."}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","marks":[{"type":"color","attrs":{"color":"#494949","name":"user"}}],"text":" "}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","marks":[{"type":"color","attrs":{"color":"#494949","name":"user"}}],"text":" It is reported that , Currently existing 32 Several institutions and companies publicly announced their holdings of bitcoin , The total holding is 49.45 over , The value is about 286.65 Billion dollars , Of bitcoin's current market value 2.64%."}]},{"type":"heading","attrs":{"align":null,"level":4},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" The customs of Hong Kong, China has cracked the smuggling case of special video cards for mining , Seized nearly 300 Zhang graphics card "}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","marks":[{"type":"color","attrs":{"color":"#494949","name":"user"}}],"text":" "}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","marks":[{"type":"color","attrs":{"color":"#494949","name":"user"}}],"text":" For the first time, the customs of Hong Kong, China has seized smuggling of graphics cards for mining purposes , These graphics cards are close to 300 Zhang , It's expected to be NVIDIA CMP 30HX, But the brand is unknown . There is no label on the front of the graphics card , Designed for dual fans , There is no video output interface at the screen ."}]},{"type":"heading","attrs":{"align":null,"level":4},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" HSBC changes its policy on virtual currency , Will not be involved in related products "}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","marks":[{"type":"color","attrs":{"color":"#494949","name":"user"}}],"text":" According to the Documenting Bitcoin news , HSBC Bank HSBC Has changed to virtual currency ( Such as COINS 、 Ethereum and other digital currencies ) And the policies related to or referring to the products of virtual currency . It is reported that , HSBC will not be involved in promoting ( Purchase and \/ Or exchange ) Products related to virtual currency , Or products related to the performance of virtual currency ."}]},{"type":"heading","attrs":{"align":null,"level":4},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" There is a shortage of cryptocurrency developers , A number of projects began to find talents through hacking "}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","marks":[{"type":"color","attrs":{"color":"#494949","name":"user"}}],"text":" "}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","marks":[{"type":"color","attrs":{"color":"#494949","name":"user"}}],"text":" According to foreign media reports , In recent weeks , Team members from multiple projects have complained on twitter about too few recruits , This includes coming from Yearn.Finance and Sushiswap And other well-known mainstream companies . Despite huge incentives, including token allocation and high wages , But no matter how much benefit the project offers , There are not enough developers to participate in . In the absence of mature developers , Many projects have switched to hacking (Hackathon) To cultivate new people ."}]},{"type":"heading","attrs":{"align":null,"level":4},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" Bodono announced the release of NFT"}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","marks":[{"type":"color","attrs":{"color":"#494949","name":"user"}}],"text":" "}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","marks":[{"type":"color","attrs":{"color":"#494949","name":"user"}}],"text":" Bodono's plan to get dressed was launched NFT Photo blind box , This is the second public announcement to set foot in after the original Asia clothing NFT Japan is well-known in this field AV The actress . What's different from Yasuki Uehara is , Mr. bodono has never expressed his interest in cryptocurrency before , But once in ICO During the period of popularity, it was platform . According to podono's dressed twitter , Its photo blind box will be in BSC Published on the coin security smart chain "}]}]}