Who's the wallet meituan is looking at when buying vegetables or orange heart when buying more vegetables?

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wallet meituan looking buying vegetables

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The night before the tuyere came , There was another bloody storm .

1 Second kill with money 4 A raw egg !9 hair 9 Take down 1 Jin potatoes !1 A tissue is just 1.99 element ! 19.99 element 200g Chelizi took it home immediately !

Familiar formula , Or the smell of burning money . I can't imagine , The Internet giants are fighting again , This time it's for your parents' basket . what ? You said shopping has nothing to do with you ? Don't blame me for not reminding you , It's the giants who are fighting , It's probably you and your family who are beaten black and blue . Why? ?

Actually , It's their usual trick for Internet companies to burn money on a large scale . Didi was founded under the banner of “ Make travel better ”, But why do we take a taxi more and more expensive every day ? It looks like it's time to think about buying a bike . Use large threshold free coupons to make a way out of the thousand regiments war , Meituan, who delivers everything fast, said let's eat better , But now , The rider is trapped in the platform algorithm , Running faster than death every day , And it's easy for us to have a take out 20 Multiple blocks . Um. , It's really good in terms of price . Thanks to didi and meituan, we have improved the consumption level of dining and travel , Let's live an extravagant life . That year 2 Let's ride Mobai for a month 、ofo I'm out of the world , Instead, green orange 、 hello , exceed 5 I'll take it in a minute 2 block . Let's figure it out , All over the world APP For new people , It doesn't add up to ofo Swallowed 99 It's a big deposit . There is also the sharing power bank with the price rising quietly , Did you find out ? Now when you go out and your mobile phone has no power, you can easily say “ Don't worry, , There is a shared power bank ” Do you ?1 block 1 Hours of sharing power bank is like a world away , Now in some areas 1 It takes an hour 12 block , The money borrowed several times is enough to buy one . Use the same routine to buy out the landlord's housing at a high price and subsidize the user's eggshell at a low price , And destroyed countless young people who were full of hope for the city , Turned them into the ones who were kicked out of the house “ tramp ”. Now it's time to buy vegetables . What comes out of a sheep comes out of a sheep , How much did you collect , In the end, we have to return it in the same way , Capital never loses . Of course , If you're done, run … No , You can't run away . Just like you can't do without takeout and car Hailing .

At the end of the day , It's not so much a form of welfare subsidy , It's more like feeding our habit bait . Let's be like animals disciplined in a circus , In the end, it turns into a tiger that can drill through the ring of fire , Monkey who can walk on stilts . The premise is to give two bites , Will be obedient .

therefore , Do you use community group buying ? When did you use “ Community group purchase ” Of ?1 Months ago ? Half a year ago ?1 Years ago ? Anyway 2G I've only heard about surfing in recent months . And because of the low ability to accept new things , Recently, the giants have made great efforts to tear it down , I just tried . good heavens , It doesn't matter if you don't try , It's addictive to try .1 Cents 、 Fruit for a few cents ( pull ) I can't stop ! Take a walk in the community convenience store and pick it up , It's closer than going to the supermarket .

That's when I realized , The old man, who was wrapped in a military coat and set up a stall to sell eggs at the gate of the community, was increasingly ignored . In the capital crazy subsidy 1 In front of the eggs , Can he still sell his eggs ? Then I found out , It's not just vendors , Even bigger fruit and vegetable stores , Even the supermarket is accused of breaking the rules of the game “ Community group purchase ” It's a big stir . A supermarket worker told me , They've been in a mess lately , My heart is full 80 reduce 40 This move is to compete with capital for customers . The news also reported the story of the owner of a fruit and vegetable store : His price for Potatoes 1 block 2, The price is 2 block . And in the Internet giants ,9 hair 9 You can buy 2 Jin . but , It can only be hung at the door “ Wangpu sublease ” Brand .

Maybe , Old people and old women who set up a roadside stall to buy dates , People who live on low-end livelihood industries , Maybe our grandparents , Even our parents , It will be eliminated . however , As mentioned earlier , Who can guarantee the giants to squeeze small and medium-sized businesses with capital 、 After sowing a whole piece of leek , You can't do evil ?

Need to know , Once consumers develop the habit of using the Internet to buy vegetables , The platform is fully capable of killing consumers with big data . Who knows to sell me 25 A kilo of pork , If you sell it to someone else, just 20 A pound . also , Fresh is not like daily clothes , The factory specifications are almost the same . But grapefruit has more water and less water , You can choose carefully in the supermarket , But mobile orders , Who can accurately predict that what they receive is not crooked melon split Jujube ? No one wanted to , Now the good and the bad are sold together , Give you a cheaper price can make you comfortable call Dad ?

Of course , I always thought , Community group buying and the Internet commercial forms mentioned above are not monsters , They do bring a lot of convenience , But oligopoly should be wary of .

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