Underground egg donation has become a consumption chain?

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underground egg donation consumption chain

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evening 9 Some more , A gentle man walks into an alley in Yuexiu District of Guangzhou , Follow the phone to connect with a woman , After he had a beer in a hurry , Immediately put the mouth full of wine to the woman's ear :“ Choose your , Give me a boy .”

Today we don't talk about sperm donation , Tell me something about girls —— Sell eggs . Safety ahead , Boys can enter !

The full name of egg donation is “ Transvaginal oophorectomy ”, First, use the instrument to stretch the lower part of the female body , Then insert the needle, which is two to three times thicker than the normal needle .

Just imagine : One arm is long (35cm)2mm Thick cold steel needle goes into the vagina , Pierce the vaginal wall , It goes into the ovary to get the eggs … Give me a poke , Pull out the needle , And then poke another place , Just keep poking , Until it's taken out 20 Multiple follicles . Yes , Not one or two , yes 20 Multiple , Generally far more than the number of black intermediary talked about before operation . At this time, the girl lying on the bed with her legs roughly broken off looks pale , Sweating , I don't know how many extra follicles I've had . There is a girl who sells eggs in pain , While crying, he begged the nearby doctors to practice medicine ( I don't have any qualifications , by “ Bluff ” The unscrupulous and fake doctors who practice medicine ), Almost fainted on the operating table .

Even people who have experienced egg retrieval in regular hospitals describe it this way :“ The needle is too thick , Every time I enter it, I feel a tremor .” Don't say the , I feel a dull pain in my stomach . Fortunately, the regular egg retrieval can be anesthetized now , But so what ? Black agents who cut costs and pursue profits are not so kind .

Unfortunately , Even if the egg girl gets 20 or 30 thousand yuan , I'm not happy for a few days . I saw a post like this when I was browsing ovum retrieval :“ More than 15 Three to five days of anti-inflammatory injections should be given to each person , Someone needs to take out the gauze in the vagina for two hours after taking the eggs , I stuffed it , There's a little blood on the gauze , There will be some blood scabs coming out of the vagina within three days after egg collection .”

What does this passage mean ? In fact, after listening to the previous operation process, you should also be able to think of —— Pelvic tissue bleeds from multiple punctures . The blood flowing into the abdominal cavity can cause ascites , It turns into ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome . Severe will cause systemic edema 、 Infertility for life , Kidney failure, even thrombotic death . In the end , The tens of thousands of Yuan earned is not enough for my medical expenses . What's more? , Underground egg selling operations are usually carried out in residential buildings , Just a few cots is the operating table , Proper whole cell environment , Don't even want to take after the hospital as to injection anti-inflammatory needle . All in all , Whether there will be a problem depends on the fate of the girl who sells eggs . Let me just say that , Once on the operating table , The girl who sells eggs is no longer a human being , It's a money making machine .

Actually , Selling eggs has been a huge conspiracy ever since .“ Egg donor angel , Let the recipient family light the candle of love ” Beautify selling eggs into donating eggs in advance . In the matter ( Before operation ) Give the girl who sells her eggs an ovulation booster , A hormone drug , Famous for its name “ Nutrition needle ”. Let me explain first , Why ovulation . Because girls don't have hundreds of millions of hair like boys , Four or five days is the normal frequency , Women in a natural state usually only produce one mature egg per month . therefore , In pursuit of the number of mature follicles , Overdose is the default hidden rule , In fact, they just spare no effort to drain every drop of their value . without doubt , If you hit it too much, there will be side effects , What vomiting 、 Ascites 、 Systemic edema and so on . After a woman had this injection , It's like you're pregnant 5 Six months pregnant . Then afterwards ? Two words , Exploit . There is a girl named Xiaojuan , sold 20 An egg earned 2 Ten thousand yuan , One on average 1000 block . however , Some media went to the black market to investigate the price of eggs , Illegal egg collection agencies can sell an egg to 5 Ten thousand yuan . It's really rubbish that makes money by exploiting other people's bodies .

Actually , Shengwa assembly line factory has already formed a mature underground industrial chain . In this assembly line , The girl who donates eggs is called the egg girl . There's someone who's looking for the egg girl , Someone's looking for surrogate mothers , There are also intermediary companies that sort out the process . In Guangzhou , Such intermediary companies have 3 More than a thousand , Scare off my dentures . This year, 9 month , In addition, the media secretly visited a number of surrogacy companies in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places , good heavens , Industry insiders say that every year in Guangzhou alone “ Baby factory ” A child born can achieve 2 m . If it wasn't illegal , I guess this business is the fattest pig in the wind . Of course , People in the industry have also told a more sad truth :“ Most of them come because they owe a loan .”

It reminds me that I saw a girl named Xiaowen in the news report ( alias ) The girl of , I majored in design . She had a good family , Parents will also give two or three thousand yuan a month for living expenses . It is reasonable to say that normal college students have enough money to spend . The turning point is that she accidentally lost her mobile phone , And then flowers 7000 I bought one in yuan iPhone, I didn't dare to tell my parents that I used staging music on the recommendation of my friends . And then I fell in love , Her inflated desire made her spend more and more , Just register on another platform 、 To borrow money , Pay back the last loan . The snowball gets bigger and bigger , No platform is willing to continue to lend her money . It's just naked , I can't sleep all day and all night , I'm afraid my naked photos will be blown up . And selling eggs for money became her only life-saving straw … It's so sad and pathetic .

As you gaze into the abyss , The abyss is staring at you . It is said that there must be something hateful about poor people , These girls may not deserve sympathy , But illegal lending institutions 、 The biggest tragedy is that illegal egg collection agencies are still active . I don't know. They lie in the house that they bought with the girl's body every day , Can you sleep ? I don't know if the money in their account smells of blood ? I'd like to call it a social leech . Oh no , Please don't belittle leech .

Last , I really don't want to , There are more girls facing the darkness . Beauvoir is 《 secondary 》 It was said in : Women's misfortunes , It's about being surrounded by irresistible temptation , They are not required to work hard , Only encouraged to slide down to blissful .

Wake up! .

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