Summary of recent official network development news of filecoin 15

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summary recent official network development

Welcome to Filecoin The first 15 The news of this issue , Let's see Filecoin What progress have you made in the past !V|IPFS_KF818

Network development and construction

Filecoin Join in MetaMask: For developers

This version of the MetaMask It's a developer version for , It's based on MetaMask Snaps Scalability system , Contains the Filecoin Early support for .MetaMask This special edition for developers , In order to Filecoin Developers can start based on Filecoin structure Web3 Website .

Filecoin Will integrate Chainlink Predicting machine

About Filecoin Will integrate Chainlink( Industry leading decentralized Oracle solution ) We mentioned in the previous article about , It will help Filecoin And Ethereum and other blockchains based on smart contracts . When the integration is complete , All smart contract developers will have a complete Web3.0 Infrastructure stack , Contains a blockchain that supports logic and state modification on the chain 、 For offline communication and computing Chainlink Oracle as well as providing distributed storage and data solutions Filecoin.

Truffle Suite Introduction Filecoin Box —— NFT Development templates

Filecoin Box It's a product that's dedicated to building decentralisation NFT Development template for , At present, it has Truffle go online .

Filecoin Box Is to create 、 Deploy 、 transaction NFT The template of , Application Filecoin Ganache and Ethereum Ganache Two simulators . rely on Filecoin Box,Truffle For developers NFT Storage issues and connecting to Ethereum ,IPFS and Filecoin Ecology lays the foundation .

Network data storage

Filecoin The foundation announced a donation to the Internet Archive 5 over FIL

Filecoin The Foundation donated to the Internet Archive 5 over FIL, The Internet Archive is not only one of the largest libraries in the world , It's also an important guardian of information and accessibility .Filecoin The foundation's support for Internet Archives , It can help both sides continue to preserve the most valuable information of human society , And constantly improve the accessibility of network information .

Decentralized data markets Filehive

In recent days, ,Filehive The app announced a public beta , It is based on Filecoin Development of a data market application .

Filehive By decentralized application development studio OB1 Build and maintain , The studio has promoted OpenBazaar and Haven available .Filehive It's an open source market , Support the upload of data set 、 maintain 、 Purchase and ( or ) Transfer the possession of .Filehive The project comes from Filecoin The developer funding program , With Filecoin,Powergate and Loom Based on .Filehive utilize Filecoin Network motivates the storage and licensing of data sets , Data sets can be accessed through IPFS Web search .

Filecoin dig

Livepeer x Filecoin Joint mining pilot

We are pleased to announce Livepeer Will join hands Filecoin We will launch pilot joint mining projects , It means Filecoin Miners can be Livepeer Video miner , And by storing the transcoded video data , Continue to Filecoin Mining on the Internet . Whereas Livepeer Video miners and Filecoin There are these similarities between miners' ideal profiles ,Filecoin Miners can be well positioned as Livepeer Video miner , At the same time, by storing the transcoded video data, it continues to work in Filecoin Mining on the Internet , So miners can get extra gains .

The future as Filecoin The development of , The search market will also be more mature , Miners will provide customers with retrieval services through sufficient bandwidth .

Rust-fil-proofs v6.1.0

CryptoComputeLab Announce the official release of the certificate v6.1.0, Includes a series of important refactorings and performance optimizations , Bi Ruxin gpu2 , It can significantly accelerate Pre-commit Stage 2 Encapsulation .

v11 Network upgrade

v11 The network upgrade is planned for 4 month 12 Japan 22:00(UTC Time ) Conduct , The purpose is to accept FIP-0014, , Allow miners to v1 The life cycle of the sector is extended to the maximum 540 God .

Thank you for your participation FIP-0014!

Filecoin The community just ended its first ever FILPoll, This new feature allows stakeholders to be consulted on improvement proposals and other initiatives . Thanks to more than 200 storage miners for participating in FIP-0014 Vote for , Consider whether miners should be allowed to v1 The life cycle of the sector is extended to the maximum 540 God .

The miners voted overwhelmingly for the extension v1 The life cycle of a sector . Now? Filecoin Core developers will decide whether the network will accept FIP Make a final decision , The decision will be based on the voting results and the final security audit .

Community activities

Filecoin Frontier Acceleration camp Demo Day,4 month 23 Japan

Follow Filecoin、 Distributed capital and LongHash Ventures Three organizations join together Filecoin Frontier Acceleration camp Demo Day Well ! See how startups recommend projects to potential investors around the world . Wonderful team roadshow can't be missed .

Join in Filecoin Community 4 Monthly online meeting , focusing Filecoin Realization

Filecoin Community meetings are about getting to know Filecoin Good opportunities for tools and project creators in the ecosystem . If you miss the party in March , Don't forget at Pacific Standard Time 4 month 13 On the afternoon of Sunday 1 Join the online meeting at , This meeting will focus on a variety of Filecoin Realization .

Scaling Ethereum,4 month 16 Japan -5 month 14 Japan

Protocol Lab 、 The etheric fang 、Chainlink And more partners Scaling Ethereum—— An online hacking Forum , The goal is to upgrade Ethereum and ETH2.

Participants have a chance to meet their teammates , Meeting mentors , Solve technical problems , Publish the operation plan , The total value of sharing exceeds 5 Million dollars in multiple awards .


Decrypt And Filecoin To launch the first Token Activity season

One of the first Decrypt Token The season of the activity is taking the same measures as Filecoin In the form of cooperation !Decrypt token The holder can read 、 Share articles , And in Decrypt Other interactive access on the media platform Token.Decrypt The token will be airdropped to the user's mobile wallet , Can be used to exchange Web3 assets .Decrypt One of my core ideas is Use the Web3.0 technology .

utilize IPFS establish NFT!

Want to know how to use IPFS And Ethereum NFT, Can be found in IPFS Document station to read a new guide utilize IPFS establish NFT. The guide introduces a simple tool Minty, It can be created on Ethereum based on IPFS Stored NFT. At the Seminar , From protocol lab Yusef How to ( And why ) be based on IPFS Storage NFT assets , And how to connect the relevant data with the chain Token Connect . If you're interested in the code overview in the video , Welcome to Minty repo Learn the code and try your hand .

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