Summary of highlight mechanism of Λ - dimension energy cone (ads)!

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summary highlight mechanism dimension energy



The cone of energy Λ-Dimension It is designed according to the energy formula of the expansion of the universe POS Mining models . Scientists have found that the universe has been accelerating , That is, the expansion of the universe will not slow down , I don't know how to brake , It's just going to get faster , Although we don't know what's really driving the expansion of the universe , But man has given it a mysterious name : Dark energy .

ADS The pyramid of energy is a thousand fold value-added logic :

1、 Rigid demand ,APOS Mining pledge 、 The project party is pledged by Shanghai currency exchange 、 Community ranking and node voting 、 New media advertising consumption 、 The cost of transferring money to miners 、 Transaction fee consumption must be used ADS

2、 I'll give it to you , only 1 Million pieces , scarcity , Each one is precious

3、 Zero private placement , Zero pre excavation , Zero circulation , Completely decentralized APOS Mining mechanism

4、 No dealer , No big business , Completely decentralised , Fair and transparent , The stars hold the coins separately , Don't come easy , Value is scarce

5、 The melody goes up , Logic Science , The rise depends on node growth and explosion energy value

6、 Double Trading Support , Smart contract buyback , The space is promising


7、 Huge application ,DEFI Finance +DAPP Multidimensional applications + The underlying application of public chain

8、 Exchange platform currency , Infinite space

9、 Unlimited deflation , Contract repurchases are destroyed

10、 The brand has its own traffic , Fans drain through multiple channels

11、 Completely decentralized mechanism , Put an end to the evil of human nature

12、 Conform to the trend of the times , The exchanges will be launched one after another ADS, Call up the public chain with a market value of 100 billion yuan

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2020 - Maybe , You're scarred ;

2020 - Maybe , You said quit ;

2020 - Maybe , You have a thousand reasons ;

2020 - Maybe ……

2021 - Maybe , You're only one chance away !

2021 - Give me a chance !

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