An article tells you what the egg network is and what eftalk is

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article tells egg network eftalk


One EFT+EGG What is it? ?


answer The two are combined , It is a perpetual financial public chain mine pool , It's a decentralized blockchain exchange , Is a blockchain encryption chat software


  • EGG What is it? What are the characteristics of ?


answer EGG It's a public chain , It's the first geek team to maintain bitcoin, which took six years to build 、 Across the sky , Disruptive initiative .

Because bitcoin is a physical mine that consumes resources 、 Bitcoin at the same time 90% It's all in the hands of a few people , Retail investors hold very little , So the geek team launched the mining mechanism of circulating computing power , So that everyone can mine 、 Mining all the time !

EFT Namely EGG The first circulating computing power currency in the public chain , To seize is to earn , He who has the first coin has the first chance , All data are open, transparent and searchable , Models and systems are all written on the chain , No tampering , Smart contracts and other significant blockchain digital currency features !


EGG characteristic :

1 To be released together 2.1 Billion , First episode 1.05 Billion , Every time 500 Half the day


2 Quantitative does not price ( There is room for growth )


3 Have their own API port ( Graftable Ecological Applications )


4 One way identification with mainstream currencies


510-15 One side chain can be developed in one minute


6、 When loading the currency, the project needs EGG Pledge


7 The only way to get it is through EFT exchange


3、 ... and EFT What is it? ? And its characteristics

answer :Eencryption( encryption ) Ffree ( free )   Ttalk ( Chat );EFT= Encrypted free chat software developed by privacy protected blockchain technology


EFT characteristic :

1 Pricing is not quantitative ( Don't go up or down )


21EFT=1 element

3 issue 2100 over , Never add on


4 Because of its stability, it can be paid , transaction , circulation , exchange


5 Every circulation , It will fix the sediment 20%4 Leverage


6 On the exchange with USDT There's a deal for


Four How to get EFT?


answer Static investment , Or through the flow of computing power mining . static state 4 Double lever 2‰ Release... Every day ; example Buy 10000 individual EFT Through circulation , Zoom in 4 After The Times , become 40000 Calculate the force , It can produce about 80 individual EFT

dynamic : The corresponding dynamic returns of different levels are :

V1 Under the umbrella 3 generation 3‰ The dynamic calculation force is released rapidly 、

V2 Under the umbrella 6 generation 3‰ The dynamic calculation force is released rapidly 、 Become V2 It's direct push 2 individual V1

V3 Under the umbrella 9 generation 3‰ The dynamic calculation force is released rapidly 、 Become V3 It's direct push 2 individual V2,

V4 Under the umbrella 12 generation 3‰ The dynamic calculation force is released rapidly 、 Become V4 It's direct push 2 individual V3,

V5 Under the umbrella 15 generation 3‰ The dynamic calculation force is released rapidly . Become V5 It's direct push 2 individual V4.

( This bonus model has no difference , No burn , Once the superior leaves, he will never be demoted )

Both in and out are traded on the exchange , Avoid cash flow , Can be carried out EFTAlk Encrypted chat software chat

( The above has solved the pain points of previous safety problems )


It's all small orders , Solved the problem of smashing big orders , Making big bubbles , Players have a good mentality , The market is healthy , High activity

The new bonus model avoids raising lazy people , The problem of string gourd . Teams help each other , Build a community of common interests , Increase team stickiness . The wealth sharing model .

for example : I want to go on v5. We have to support two V4. And there are no flat grades, no burns ,15 Within a generation , Just under the common umbrella , All are 3‰ earnings , It's easier to help people .

All the data is written on the chain fairly and openly , Every disclosure can be inquired , Break the pain point of trust crisis .

Build your own issuable side chain of the exchange , The issuer is interested in EFT Fans want to issue money , Must have a EGG pledge , And get EGG Only through EFT exchange .

therefore , have to EFT Get wealth ! In Avanti , We will get at least 4 A fortune

The first 1 A fortune : static state 4 times 2‰

The first 2 A fortune : Under the dynamic umbrella 15 Generation flow 3‰ Accelerate release

The first 3 A fortune : Get 2100 Ten thousand gold seeds, seeds of them , In the future, the market will be full of EFT It's all going to be from here 2100 Wanjin seed amplification 4 Double output

The first 4 A fortune : EGG The public chain has unlimited value-added space !


EFT Applying blockchain Technology , Based on the rules of fairness and openness , Have strong anti risk ability , High safety factor , It follows the core idea that circulation produces value ,EGG  Public chain docking Vivier 18820  0092 Using the principle of market supply and demand that supply is less than demand in hunger marketing , The virtuous cycle of the market lasts for a long time . today , We cut in at the best time , Have the best opportunities . I'm willing to choose to believe first , Act first , Go all out for the market ! I also firmly believe that I will see EFT A bright future !!!( If you've played Vpay. You can also EFT Understand as the previous balance YEC,EGG Understand as Vpay The coin VPC)

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