The prospect of digital RMB hardware Wallet

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prospect digital rmb hardware wallet

Numbers rmb Hardware wallet “ One card and many applications ” What is it? ? What is the future? ?

2021 year 2 month , stay “ Digital Wangfujing ice and snow Shopping Festival ” Background number rmb In the pilot activities , Postal savings bank 、 The Bank of China has returned to China separately “ Health treasure ” Beijing health code query function number rmb Video cards and fingerprint hardware wallets . In addition to digital rmb Beyond consumption , The user holds the product and pastes it on the health treasure device , You can complete the inquiry and registration of health treasure .

This is the digital rmb Hardware wallet in Digital rmb Out of application , It's the first time to carry other application functions . And based on the card form “ One card and many applications ” Also give the numbers rmb Hardware wallet has more imagination .

Numbers rmb Of “ More than one card ” Imagination

In recent days, , A bank employee disclosed like mobile payment , It's ready to develop and launch “ Dual core hard wallet ” programme .

Specifically, it is , Load two wallets on one hardware , A number rmb wallet , An industry purse . Similar to the previous launch of postal savings and Bank of China “ Health treasure ” My video card , It's just that it's more of a wallet app in function , After all, health treasure is just a storage of personal health information .

One of the most imaginable applications might be :

  1. Carrying digital rmb Function and social security 、 Hardware wallet for basic security account functions such as medical insurance .
  2. Carrying digital rmb Function and ETC、 Traffic card and other hardware wallets that need to be pre recharged .
  3. Carrying digital rmb Function and health code 、 A driver's license 、 Electronic ID card and other personal identification hardware wallet .

And the above functions can even be combined with multiple combinations , The smart card industry is familiar with “ More than one card ”.

The advantage of one card multi use is , One card can integrate multiple functions , It is convenient for users to avoid the trouble of applying and carrying multiple functional cards . And with the numbers rmb The advancement of hardware wallet , A hardware wallet with a high level of security can naturally become something like a social security card 、 A collection of functional cards such as medical insurance cards , But is this a feasible idea ?

Finance IC The way of using one card for many purposes

One card multi use is obviously not a new word , For all-in-one card and smart card industry practitioners , One card for multiple uses doesn't even make a particularly good impression , Because a multi-purpose card often means the end “ None of them worked ”.

think about it , Many people around have a social security card with financial function in their hands. It's useless to keep it in their wallet all the time ? I want to see , A lot of multifunctional smart cards or wearable wristwatches , It doesn't seem to take long to be thrown into the corner of the cupboard .

From the mobile payment network background can search the oldest about “ More than one card ” My news is that 2010 year , It was a time of Finance IC In the early days of card development , Chip card “ transfer ” Start nationwide , At the same time, social security card 、 All kinds of all-in-one card products such as traffic cards are complicated , It belongs to the beginning of chaos .

At the time , The central bank issued 《 People's Bank of China on promoting finance IC Comments on card application work 》 Speed up finance IC The pace of the card , The chip card upgraded from magnetic stripe has large chip capacity 、 High security features , You can store keys 、 digital certificate 、 Fingerprints and other information , It works like a microcomputer , Can handle multiple functions at the same time , To provide cardholders with the convenience of one card for multiple purposes .

2012 In, the central bank issued a series of technical standards for China's financial mobile payment , The technical requirements of China's mobile all inclusive development are clarified , It has guided and standardized the innovative development of China's mobile finance ;2013 The national mobile financial security public service platform was built in (MTPS), It solves the problem of application sharing between different organizations 、 Mutual trust between entities 、 System interoperability , It provides a platform for the innovation and development of China's mobile finance ;2014 In, the central bank and the national development and Reform Commission launched the pilot work of innovation in mobile e-commerce financial technology services in national e-commerce demonstration cities , It aims to explore the operation mode of mobile finance with one card and multiple applications .2014 At the end of the year, the central bank issued 《 On further improving the financial management IC Notice of card application work 》( hereinafter referred to as 《 notice 》), In order to comprehensively improve the quality of financial services IC The impact of card one card multi application in various industries is the starting point , Will finance IC In the field of public services, the application of one card with multiple applications can be classified into three categories according to the implementation methods .

One kind of application is ordinary consumer application ( For example, retail 、 fast-food industry 、 One vote buses 、 The taxi ), It's about finance IC It is an important foundation for people's livelihood , It can be realized by standard debit and credit record or e-cash ; The second type of application is time-sharing and fee deduction ( For example, parking meters 、 The bus and subway system ), It's about improving finance IC Card is an effective way to improve public service level , It can be realized through the extended application of e-cash ; Three types of applications are industry personalized applications ( For example, medical and health applications 、 Park card ), Commercial banks provide differentiated services 、 It's an important way to enhance our competitiveness , Through finance IC Card loading industry applications or data implementation .


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