How does Na (Nirvana) chain break through the application

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na nirvana chain break application

NA Nirvana)iChain yes “ Born for application ” Of An infrastructure service platform , It's for developers to provide a lot of services that can be optimized and customized , It contains the following features :

  1. For the first time, the heterogeneous composite chain architecture is adopted to realize the divide and rule of data 、 Massive concurrency
  2. Decentralized domain name leasing platform , Realize the construction of anonymous decentralized web page , Web domain name 、 In order to design 、 Logic program 、 All the data are linked , Realized 100% Really decentralizing Dapp and Dweb
  3. NVM The virtual machine implements the timing task , Parallel computing 、 Microservices , Original N++ The development of programming language can achieve five minutes to master

The team is based on cutting-edge technology ideas , To improve the public chain ecology , Completely solve all the problems that the public chain has not solved before

NA (Nirvana)Chain Has been focusing on the construction of the underlying infrastructure of the block chain , Want to do something really valuable for developers and the industry as a whole , From the outside world NA (Nivana) Chain It's a new public chain technology , But from NA (Nivana) Chain The team perspective , During the preparation, it took nearly 2 Years of time , I've been doing research on academic theory 、 The development of technology and the breakthrough of drum technique , Has been doing the most “ new ” Attempts to ,2019 The founding team launched NA (Nivana) Chain My original intention is to solve the problem of public chain congestion and public chain scalability , at present NA (Nivana) Chain The test network will be launched and a publicity campaign will be launched , Including incentive plans for developers and expanding community nodes .

some time ,NA (Nirvana)Chain The accumulation of technology will also create its own huge ecology on a large scale


Public chain is also called “ The chain of public ”, The public chain means that anyone in the world can read and send the transaction, and the transaction can be effectively confirmed , You can also participate in the process of CO award , There is a metaphor that is very vivid , The public chain is like the foundation of a building , If there is no public chain at the bottom , The blockchain application is like a castle in the air, which is easy to collapse .


The development of public chain is related to the future trend of blockchain , It is the underlying support of the application value of the whole blockchain, and even the operating system of the whole industry , Only on the basis of solid, stable and efficient operation of the public chain, can the commercial application of blockchain be truly implemented and developed .

2018 This year is the tenth anniversary of the birth of bitcoin , At the same time, it was also called the first year of public chain competition in the industry , At present, three years have passed, but there is still fierce competition in the public chain industry of blockchain ,NA (Nirvana)Chain Why choose to be born at this time ?

from 2018 Years later, the concept of public chain is not very popular , Because a unique public chain not only needs strong technology, but also needs advanced product design concept, and it costs a lot of money and time .

2020 Year to 2021 year ,Defi and NFT After lighting up the bull market , Most of the projects we see are Defi、NFT、DEX etc. , It is rare to see the emergence of a new public chain , So it's because of Defi as well as NFT It's growing too fast , The previous public chain has become increasingly unable to meet the existing ecological needs , In other words, blockchain technology is pushed forward as a whole , But the whole public chain technology is still in the past few years ,' So it doesn't match anymore , In particular, the overall encryption market value has exceeded trillion this year , This is a very important number , It's a landmark volume , So it means that there needs to be a new public chain in the market to meet the needs of the new ecological system of Tianyi growth , therefore NA (Nirvana)Chain It's just the right thing to have . At present, there are only more than ten public chain systems in the world , To design high efficiency 、 Low delay 、 High expansibility and low cost of public chain is extremely difficult , Including bitcoin now 、 Ethereum's public chain projects still haven't achieved this , The handling fee is Noodles are very expensive 、 In terms of handling charges, they are extremely expensive and often cause a lot of problems , Bitcoin itself has the same problem , As for other public chains, they are also trying to solve some problems , such as : Distributed storage 、 Cross chain, etc , At present, there is no effective and exact solution

The public chain itself is actually a tool , Only when the tools are well done can the products created be more wonderful ,NA (Nirvana)Chain Mining for power 13622951 After a long preparation period , Carefully analyzed all the possible problems of the public chain before, and did a lot of academic research , Designed this innovative technology public chain ,“ Born for application ” The slogan is to improve the current public chain ecology , This is also the original intention and responsibility of the team . In the future, the world will be built on the trend of decentralization ,NA (Nirvana)Chain It will accumulate a large number of users through its unique underlying architecture, and even support the high-speed operation of the whole blockchain world

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