Shenzhen Longhua joins hands with Tencent cloud to hold a blockchain summit, striving to build a highland for the development of digital economy

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shenzhen longhua joins hands tencent

4 month 9 Japan ,“2021 China Shenzhen Digital Economy Summit Forum —— Blockchain enables future cities ” The special event was held in Longhua District, Shenzhen . Longhua District takes blockchain as an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technology , It was inaugurated in the forum “ Shenzhen Longhua District block chain incubator ”“ Shenzhen Longhua District digital economy industry association ”, Shenzhen Tencent digital economy Co., Ltd 、 Daoyi information technology 、 Fun chain technology 、 German intelligence chain, etc 12 Two blockchain incubators held a signing ceremony on the spot , Accelerate the construction of blockchain pilot zone .

The forum was jointly guided by Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission and China information and Communication Research Institute , Shenzhen Longhua District People's government and Tencent cloud co sponsored , Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission 、 Relevant leaders of Longhua District and Tencent attended and delivered speeches . Experts and scholars from all walks of life 、 Business representatives and investors gather together , Share their new theories on the development of blockchain industry 、 New experience and new ideas , To vigorously promote the high-quality development of Longhua blockchain industry .

Wang Wei, Secretary of the Longhua District Party committee, pointed out in his speech that , Longhua is an industrial region of Shenzhen 、 A large population area , It has a good foundation for the development of digital economy , There is also digital enabling economic development 、 Strong demand for urban governance . At present, we are building a digital economy in an all-round way 、 Digital City 、 Digital governance “ The trinity ” The number of Longhua , Speed up the construction of digital economy pilot zone 、 The future urban pilot area 、 Smart governance demonstration zone .

Wang Jingtian, vice president of Tencent government cloud, said , I hope to deepen the cooperation with Longhua District government , Accumulate through opening Tencent 20 Years of technological and ecological advantages , Help promote the deep integration of blockchain and Longhua economy and society , Give full play to blockchain technology in technological breakthrough 、 The economic development 、 Improve people's livelihood 、 Social progress, etc , Comprehensively assist the construction of Longhua digital economy pioneer zone .


Industry celebrities gather in Longhua , On the development of Dao blockchain industry

As a representative of the new generation of information technology , Blockchain will usher in an important period of policy opportunities . On a global scale , Blockchain technology is becoming a hot area of information technology innovation , In our country ,“ Digital China ” The construction is advancing actively , Blockchain technology is becoming an important breakthrough . At this opportunity , Longhua District of Shenzhen has invited many industry experts , In depth discussion and exchange on issues such as the development of blockchain industry .

As for how to use blockchain to enable Industrial Development , Academician, Chinese academy of engineering 、 Zheng Weimin, Professor of Tsinghua University, believes that we should develop an independent, controllable and open underlying software platform for blockchain as soon as possible , Blockchain operating system , Based on this platform, an application system with blockchain function is developed .

Academicians of the European Academy of Sciences 、IEEE/IET Fellow Zhang Yan mainly talked about the impact of blockchain and digital twin on smart city and digital economy . He thinks that , Blockchain and digital twin in healthcare 、 Smart home 、 Intelligent Transportation 、 Intelligent energy and intelligent manufacturing have broad application prospects .

Zhu Jiaming, chairman of the academic and Technical Committee of digital assets research institute, focuses on the new situation of digital economy and blockchain 、 New features and new trends are shared . He said , Digital economy accelerates the coming of the end of complex economy and certainty , Blockchain is a tool to deal with complex economy and uncertain economy .

This year is “ the 14th Five-Year Plan ” Opening year , China academy of information and communications 、 Wei Kai, deputy director of cloud computing and big data research institute, looks forward to “ the 14th Five-Year Plan ” When it comes to blockchain development ,“ the 14th Five-Year Plan ” During this period, the blockchain industry will usher in a period of innovation and development opportunities , Blockchain will integrate big data 、 Artificial intelligence 、 Internet of things and other technologies , Become a trust infrastructure for the digital economy .

Si Xueming, director of the blockchain special committee of the Chinese computer society, said , Blockchain as a cutting-edge technology , In the long run , There is a lot of room for technological development , The prospect of the industry is very broad , It has a wide range of applications . Zheng Zibin, vice president of the school of software engineering, Sun Yat sen University, holds the same view , He believes that the value network supported by blockchain has great potential , The future will be the infrastructure of the digital economy .

Besides , From the academic world 、 A number of experts from the industry and investment circles had a dialogue at the round table forum on how to use blockchain to promote industrial integration and upgrading, and how to explore the future urban scene of blockchain , In depth communication in industry digitalization 、 Industry digitalization 、 Practical experience in the field of urban scene in the future , And the development prospect of digital economy is prospected .


Take blockchain as an important breakthrough , Longhua creates a highland for the development of digital economy

Longhua is a large area of electronic information industry in Shenzhen , In the industrial Internet 、 Blockchain 、 Artificial intelligence 、5G And other intelligent manufacturing fields have accumulated a strong industrial foundation . At present , Longhua is striving to build a leading digital economy zone , Make it clear “ One circle, one district, three corridors ” Regional development pattern , And take the blockchain industry as an important breakthrough to build a digital economy pioneer zone , Put forward the goal of building 10 billion level blockchain industrial chain group .

2021 year 1 month , Longhua District government officially issued a special policy on block chain industry development , By settling down to reward 、 Growth reward 、 A series of supporting measures, such as platform awards, vigorously promote the technological innovation and application of blockchain , Promote the relevant enterprises to settle in Longhua . At present, the first batch 10 More than enterprises have successfully settled in Longhua , The enterprises that are going through the registration procedures are 10 More than , More than 20 home .

To further promote the development of blockchain related industries , At present , Longhua District government relies on the existing industrial space in the district to build a blockchain incubator , To ensure the development space of blockchain enterprises , Providing all kinds of public services , To help enterprises overcome the difficulties of the start-up period . Besides , Longhua District has also set up a digital economy industry association , It aims to carry out academic exchanges in the field of digital economy 、 Technology development , Promoting digital culture 、 Industrial Internet 、 AI and 5G And other fields of digital economy and technology better and faster industrialization development , Promote cooperation among members of the industry .

Peng Qingqi, deputy director of the development and Reform Bureau of Longhua District, said , Longhua will continue to join hands with blockchain 、 Artificial intelligence 、 Digital economy enterprises in industrial Internet and other fields , Actively seize “ Double zone construction ” and “ Digital economy ” Great historical development opportunities , Build blockchain incubators with high standards , Attract and cultivate a number of high-quality enterprises and projects , Explore the application demonstration of blockchain technology in more fields .

2020 year 7 month , Longhua District government and Tencent signed a strategic cooperation agreement on building a blockchain pilot zone , Li Li, general manager of Tencent cloud blockchain, said at the event that , Tencent will focus on Longhua “367” Blockchain industry ecosystem , use 3 Year or so , Focus on the key issues that restrict the development of blockchain , Vigorously carry out reform and innovation 、 Pilot test , Inject new energy for Longhua to build a digital economy pioneer zone , To provide Longhua experience for the innovative development of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and even the whole country's blockchain 、 Contribute to the case of Longhua .

Build Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao in Shenzhen 、 First demonstration area of socialism with Chinese characteristics “ Double zone ” Driven by the strategic opportunities of , Longhua is taking blockchain as an important breakthrough , Focus on the deep integration of blockchain technology and economic and social development , Improve the industrial ecosystem of blockchain , Building a digital economy highland .

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