The number of fils destroyed on the filecoin network reached 21.34 million, further enhancing the scarcity of fils

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number fils destroyed filecoin network

Filecoin Main network since last year 10 month 15 After going online on the Internet , Less than half a year , It realizes the computing power from 0 To 4EB Breakthrough , This achievement is a great achievement in the field of data storage . Behind this achievement is the response of the global miners to Filecoin Network recognition , All the Filecoin Our future is promising , So as to make a bet .V|IPFS_KF818

With the hot mining going on , We are concerned about FIL The amount of destruction is also increasing , Up to current , According to the latest blockchain browser data , At present FIL The amount of destruction has reached 2134 ten thousand , In circulation 18.9%.

The so-called token destruction refers to the permanent removal of tokens from circulation , These destroyed tokens can no longer be returned to the current network .

according to Filecoin The mechanism of the network , Destroyed FIL It mainly comes from the following aspects :

  1. Miners are involved in Filecoin When mining , Due to the existence of punishment mechanism and pledge mechanism of network , The miner triggered the punishment mechanism of the network and was fined and confiscated the related pledge money , If the node failure cannot be repaired in time , The time and space certificate can not be submitted in time and so on . These punished FIL Not officially owned , It's not a home network system , It's destroyed forever .

In general, this kind of fault triggering network penalty is like The mining machine is cut off 、 Data encapsulation interrupt 、 Sector failure 、 Early termination of transactions, etc .

  1. The process of mining is that the miners are constantly packing sectors , The process of submitting storage space to the network , And get the block reward of the network . In the whole process , Miners have a lot of work to do , Miners need to submit all kinds of messages to the network, such as replication proof 、 Space time proof, etc . Because of participation Filecoin There are a lot of miners digging , There are many messages on the chain ,Gas Fees are growing rapidly , And these Gas Fees will eventually be destroyed .

according to EIP1559 The proposed agreement ,Filecoin On the chain Gas The fee consists of two parts , A fee is paid to the miner who packs the message , The other is the cost of direct combustion under the agreement , This part mainly includes the network transaction fee of the calculation and bandwidth on the payment chain , Both were destroyed directly .

The token destruction mechanism is not Filecoin Pioneering , It's been around since the age of bitcoin . It exists as a means of creating a deflationary model , Through the destruction of tokens to achieve the purpose of scarcity . This ensures that everyone Filecoin The interests of ecological participants , And the more to the late network, the more obvious this dividend .

According to the law of business , When the market value of a project remains unchanged , The less tokens in the network , The greater the value of a single token , The higher the price . The increase in the value of the token encourages miners to work harder to join Filecoin In the construction of network , It also attracts more people to join the network , Expand the ecological scale of the network . So far, a virtuous circle of Filecoin The network has been set up .

Filecoin In the network ,FIL The total amount is constant 20 Million pieces , But because of the existence of mortgage mechanism and lock release mechanism in the network , Leading to a lot of output FIL They are in the state of pledge and lock up , Carry out secondary production . At present Filecoin The main network has only been online for half a year , Strictly speaking, it is still in the early stage of network development , The demand for the growth of miners' computing power is still very urgent ,FIL Still in short supply .

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