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fil cryptocurrency

Now if I ask you what's your impression of bitcoin , Maybe the answer is more about cryptocurrency . But it will also be cryptocurrency FIL Into this question , The answer may not be just cryptocurrency .V|IPFS_KF818

that Filecoin What is it? ?

It's a decentralized storage network , Turning data storage into an algorithm market ; It's also a blockchain network , But it's very different from bitcoin ; It's a reward mechanism , adopt FIL Motivation of , Encourage more miners to join in Filecoin In the process of ecological construction ; It's also a mechanism and protocol , Prove by copying 、 Time and space prove 、 Zero storage proof gives miners block rewards .

The current cloud storage model can provide customers with fast 、 Highly scalable and low cost data storage services , But at present, cloud storage service resources are in the hands of a few giants , The customer has no bargaining power . The cost of these storage solutions is related to the use of the company's proprietary software 、API、 Data infrastructure is closely related to servers and so on . This means that customers can't directly and effectively access the data , You need to buy additional services and features .

According to the statistics of relevant institutions , Every year, enterprises waste in purchasing additional services provided by large cloud storage service providers, and the consumption of actual service demand reaches 620 Billion dollars . Besides , These data storage centers are often built in a few centralized places , Often these data centers are far away from the geographical location of the actual storage customers .

As a customer , We don't have enough freedom to choose service providers , The main reason is that there are only a few cloud storage service providers that can provide reliable and secure services , And the time cost and capital cost of data migration are expensive .

This is the current centralized storage model , As a customer, we encounter all kinds of problems and inconveniences .

Fortunately Filecoin Come in time , Its emergence is expected to change the current storage economy market , Provide a new and safe way .

Filecoin Build an open data storage and distribution market , Improve the efficiency that centralized storage cannot achieve .

Filecoin Provides a data storage platform , Miner nodes can provide storage rights to customers in exchange for FIL Tokens, ,Filecoin The network itself is responsible for regulating transactions 、 Security and so on , Ensure orderly transaction .

Filecoin There are three markets , A network

  1. Storage market : The storage space is provided by the miner node , Through Filecoin The security and persistence of network authentication files ;
  2. Search the market : Retrieve the miner by sending the customer a copy of the required file to get FIL;
  3. Token exchange : Exchanges allow participants and customers , The miners , Other token holders , Even between other currencies or between FIL transaction .

Filecoin It marks the birth of a new storage market

as everyone knows , The design of two-way market is a very difficult project , Because the roles involved are numerous and complex . First, we need to deal with both sides of the deal , Secondly, we need to design a complete set of incentives , Early misoperation may make the network spend a lot of time , Or worse , It will cause the network to never recover .

Filecoin The agreement is undoubtedly a success , Its incentive mechanism keeps the growth direction of economy and network size in line , for example , Economically encourage the use of encryption to prove storage availability , But because of storage costs and proven customer transactions , The act of storing real data is more motivating .

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