Sumswap and Golden Finance jointly opened the chief innovation cooperation conference in Shanghai

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sumswap golden finance jointly opened


4 month 10 Japan -11 Japan , Co innovation conference hosted by golden finance and economics is about to open in Shanghai . attracted That's ok The attention of people from both inside and outside the industry .

Golden finance is a global authoritative Chinese blockchain media platform , China's blockchain media platform tops the list . The Innovation Conference is a blockchain brand activity created exclusively by golden finance , It has been successfully held in several urban areas , Both the level of guests and the content of the conference have been highly recognized by the industry , Most of the cooperative enterprises are leading enterprises and well-known brands in the industry .


And in this year's conference partners , There's a whole new brand , And as the chief partner , This is SumSwap.

SumSwap What is the project ? Why can we become the chief cooperative enterprise of Golden Finance Innovation Conference ? Suddenly high profile appears in the cooperation list SumSwap It aroused everyone's curiosity .


according to the understanding of ,SumSwap It's a blockchain company founded in the UK , It's made up of technology geeks with the ultimate pursuit of mathematics and blockchain , The team members have provided solutions for many high-tech companies in Europe and the United States by virtue of their attainments in mathematics and blockchain technology .


SumSwap The team believes that this time DeFi The main reason for the success of the project is its innovative mathematical algorithm , Such as AMM Automatic market maker model 、X*y=Z And so on . Take this as a guide , The team developed a model with its own mathematical gene “SumSwap” Innovative decentralization protocol , Not only can it be done Uniswap、Sushiswap Almost all functions of , We have also created an original basic index issuance model 、 Pass holder Staking、 ecology Staking etc. .


In fact, before becoming the chief partner of the Innovation Conference ,SumSwap It has become a hot topic in some communities . As a potential project coming online , It's still the most popular one in the current market DeFi Track ,SumSwap After the official announcement , It immediately swept the major platforms and communities .


Domestic platform about SumSwap The first information to be published in 3 month 20 Japan , Just announced to the official team SumSwap A brief report on , No one thought that in the next few days , Golden Finance 、 Mars Finance 、 Star daily 、 Babbitt and other well-known media platforms in the industry have appeared a lot about SumSwap Introduction and interpretation of , Social platforms such as coin have also emerged SumSwap Advertising information of ,SumSwap Coming online and nodes 、 Members of the pre purchase has become the major community often mentioned content .


According to official information ,SumSwap Will be in 3 month 29 Japan (UTC+8) The official launch , At the same time open 400 Nodes and 3000 A pre-sale of membership places . Pre sale will be approved ETH Intelligent contract , In a decentralized way . Officially reserved 800 ten thousand SUM To a node , Each node can get 2 ten thousand SUM, And enjoy node rights and interests for a long time in the future .SumSwap Of the members used blind casting , most 3000 Ginseng and , At least per person 4000USDT, You can also enjoy the exclusive benefits of members for a long time . Can become the chief cooperative enterprise of Golden Finance and economics Innovation Conference , explain SumSwap The team really has an extraordinary level , The next performance is worth looking forward to . Decentralized financial integrators on the shoulders of giants 、 a DeFi Domain integration applications will meet with global blockchain believers ! Redefinition DeFi The Tong Zheng model 、SumSwap More on Vivian 13650    593 Subvert your perception , Witness mathematics and DeFi Perfect fusion .


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