Avanti, the public chain of EGR network, builds an ecological eftalk on the new defi chain with the only standard of "full open autonomy"

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avanti public chain egr network



With the development of blockchain today , Public chain has become a very familiar term . Compared with the industrial infrastructure construction in real life , The positioning of the public chain is close to the foundation of the building . Application projects without technical support are like castles in the air , It is difficult to give full play to the advantages of blockchain , And then enjoy the results of the public chain . The reason why the Internet is able to bring global enterprises 、 product 、 The consumer Trinity connects , Complete infrastructure plays an absolute supporting role . In contrast, blockchain , To be a subversive being , It also needs a lot of construction of underlying technology . Today, our protagonist is bringing fresh blood to the development of the public chain EGG NETWORK


EGG NETWORK Aggregate perpetual motion Finance , With “ Full open autonomy ” The only standard for building New-DeFi Chain ecology , from EFTalk Encrypted social constant price traffic pass EFT, Go to the public chain EGG, All adopt the distribution mechanism of community autonomy consensus , Put an end to human manipulation ,EFT This is based on the development trend of the community's overall traffic system , And the consensus created by the community's payment behavior is realized by data fission , be based on “ Barrett paid ” The laws of , By smart contract 1:0.8 Times more , To maintain the stickiness of the whole user Ecology , At the same time, the constant value is about 0.1511 USD Properties of , Meet the rigid demand of payment in multi-dimensional scenarios , differ USDT With the endorsement of the third party Teda Company to realize the issuance circulation ,EFT The market value of the SEO comes from the development of the payment ecological scene by the overall user flow , And the true value of the consensus sermon , There are no bubbles and are in a state of equilibrium .

EFT It is a side chain or sub chain developed by the public chain . He's the token on this side chain , The first ecological application under the public chain EFTalk Social chat software for circulation . Its core highlight is encryption security , anonymous , Completely decentralized , It's on the chain . About chat messages , Only the sender and receiver can see . You can't extract it anywhere else . It has the function of burning after reading . Different from the traditional wechat ,qq. Because they are centralized . When the sender and receiver delete the message , Their platform side can still access the database information . This kind of blockchain social chat software , Maybe there will be , Why use this chat software ? Because there's money here . Now he belongs to the first stage , The stage of suction and drainage . that EFT Token is one of the key points of powder suction and drainage . He doesn't set a fixed price for RMB 1:1. First episode 2100 over . Through this chat software, we can generate computing power and enlarge it .


So what we just said ,EFT It's the side chain of public chain development , Then this public chain is called EGG Public chain . He has fairness , Open , transparent , Fully open source , to open up API Interface advantages . that egg The token is the token on the public chain . He doesn't fix the price . Total amount 2.1 Million pieces . Genesis pre digs 1.05 Million pieces . Every time 12 One block per second , Every time 500 Half a day . Developers just need to spend on this public chain 20 You can develop a side chain in a few minutes . In the future, companies that want to issue coins must buy this EGG Only when the token is pledged can the enterprise issue the token and carry out the chain reform , And developing other ecological applications . that EGG There is no circulation in the market , You can't buy in any mainstream currency . Only through what we just said EFT Only by flash exchange can we have EGG. presumably EGG The appreciation space is full of infinite imagination .


The static return is 4 Double lever 2‰ Every day, we're digging . Back to this cycle 150 God

Dynamic benefits

The corresponding dynamic returns of different levels are :

V1 Under the umbrella 3 generation 3‰ The dynamic calculation force is released rapidly 、

V2 Under the umbrella 6 generation 3‰ The dynamic calculation force is released rapidly 、

V3 Under the umbrella 9 generation 3‰ The dynamic calculation force is released rapidly 、

V4 Under the umbrella 12 generation 3‰ The dynamic calculation force is released rapidly 、

V5 Under the umbrella 15 generation 3‰ The dynamic calculation force is released rapidly .

Social account Barrett transferred to trading account , Social account contract transfer , Social account reinvestment , Can get the corresponding amount of operation under the umbrella 3‰ Speed up the release of computing power , The static return is EFT Zoom in 4 It turns into computing power , Every day, we're digging 2‰ Release .

Afanti's three sections are like an enterprise , The more fans there are , The greater the assets of the business , The more valuable the stock is .EGG It's like the stock of this company , Ten times and a hundred times of revenue can be obtained !

meanwhile ,EGG Must use EFT Come and cash , Who owns it EFT many , Who can exchange more EGG Mining docking pursuit 188 20  0092 Have more wealth .EFT It's always hard to get a dollar , Circle of life , Perfect ending !

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