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11 The advent of bitcoin years ago , Push digital currency and blockchain technology to the world , Also let you see a new economic form ;11 Today, years later , Countries all over the world are catching up in the field of digital currency and blockchain technology , Fighting for the commanding heights of the future digital economy . In such a background , Public chain NA Of appear It will become a major node event in the field of digital currency .

It is well known that in a system with many nodes , Each node has a high degree of autonomy . Nodes interact with each other Free to connect , Form a new connection unit . Any node can become the center of the phase , But it's not mandatory The central control function of sex . The influence between nodes , It will form a non-linear causality through the network . This openness type 、 flat 、 The systematic phenomenon or structure of equality , We call it decentralization .


NA The public chain does real 100% Epic anonymous decentralized applications


All in the past DAPP It's not really decentralised , Because the domain name they use is paid in real name , If the author of the application does not renew the domain name or resolve the domain name , Then it will lead to the application can no longer be opened . in addition DAPP Of UI Most of them adopt Web The interface is displayed , these Web All interfaces need to be stored on the server , The server is a centralized server , There is a risk that it may be modified by hackers , At the same time, if the author does not renew the server or delete the server's files , It will lead to DAPP No longer working properly .


In order to solve the above problems ,NA The public chain has launched an epoch-making new concept “ Full hosting mode ”, NA The public chain will have the domain name 、Web Interface 、 All static resource files are changed to , On the chain mode . Everybody's here NA Development on the public chain DAPP All domain names will no longer be their own , It's domain names rented by domain name providers from all over the world , We don't need to register our own domain name , But it can be in NA Numerous domain names are rented on the platform . Through this anonymous decentralized leasing ,NA by DAPP Developers provide a completely anonymous and decentralized domain name solution .


As well as DAPP It provides a way to use it forever DAPP The way , When the domain name is no longer renewed , As a user of the application , Depending on the address of the app , stay NA DNS Self service renewal in the platform , You don't need the permission of the author of the domain name to do this . This effectively solves the concept of domain name sustainability . And the first one DAPP Platforms will at least provide 5 Domain names , in other words , Only one more domain name can be accessed , Applications can be opened . When a domain name fails to work properly , The system will automatically reassign a new domain name to DAPP. Make sure DAPP There will always be 5 Two available domain names . Deposit Web The same goes for resources , After the app is released , be-all Web Resources will be synchronized to all miner nodes , Make sure the application has a backup in all miners , So as to realize the decentralization of the application . And when the lease comes , Ordinary users can also renew it , Activate and open the website again .


NA It's for application , It is the infrastructure that can solve the whole network application , At the same time, it will also achieve a brand new blockchain governance model , As a leader, we will provide benchmarking cases for the industry while building consensus for ourselves , Values and ideas output as NA Mining docking Weiwei 13622951 With the gradual improvement of the governance framework, it has a higher quality of reference . High quality theory and a large number of expandable applications will achieve together NA Our future ecology , It will also become a solid force leading the industry . Whether you approve today or not , We are quietly changing the future of the world ! The new information journey of mankind is coming again !NA Public chain is born for application , Change your , To change the world , Changing the future !


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