Source code development of digital currency contract documentary exchange

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source code development digital currency

What is contract documentary ?

“ Documentary Trading ” It means that the user can automatically copy and follow the selected trader to place an order 、 Closing and other operations , When a trader's order generates a profit to close a position , Users' orders will also be closed simultaneously and profit will be locked , Using the merchandising model , Users can observe the traders' point judgment 、 Trading strategy, etc , At the same time, they can improve their own operating experience . meanwhile , In merchandising , The user has all the rights to operate the order , You can close the order at any time .

How to be a trader ?

Certified investors who perform well on the exchange platform are likely to become traders . Users become traders by applying on the platform , After submitting personal information , Backstage audit , If you pass the audit, you are qualified as a trader .

The benefits of being a trader

Become a trader , It's the equivalent of being on the exchange “ A great god ”, Has been other ordinary users with a single, that is, the qualification to copy transactions , It will also appear on the platform's list of traders , The better the trading performance is displayed , The easier it is to get more “ fans ”, Traders can get the profit share generated by ordinary users in the process of tracking .

How do users follow orders ?

Users can see the list of traders on the exchange platform , Choose the traders you want to follow on the list , And then set the tracking ratio independently , That's all right. , Users don't need to pay attention to the market in real time , For some novice Xiaobai , It's definitely a good way to trade .

The development of the contract documentary exchange

The trading mode of contract documentary adopts a series of rules , It allows traders to invest with confidence , And get the revenue share of the merchandiser . For a merchandiser , You don't have to look at the market yourself , You don't need to accumulate experience to choose auto tracking , Save your time .

This kind of contract tracking mode makes the connection between users and platforms closer , It can also indirectly promote the exchange platform , For the platform itself, it saves a lot of promotion costs . And in recent years, due to the good trend of the contract market , Many users who want to participate want to follow “ A great god ” In the footsteps of , Then contract tracking will become a popular model for many users .

Users trade on the platform , The platform can benefit from it . For the platform side , The development of a contractual documentary exchange is a good choice at the moment . Contract tracking is also closely related to contract transactions , Then the platform side can also set up its own contract exchange , You can even add quantization and other functions during development , Attract more users , Platform development will also be better .

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