What's special about bitcoin?

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special bitcoin

In the eyes of many bitcoin players , What attracts them most is the price fluctuation of bitcoin , But for many professionals , The most attractive is the bitcoin algorithm . When it comes to bitcoin algorithm , For the vast majority of non math majors or computer friends , It may feel very profound , This is also fully understandable . In the eyes of ordinary bitcoin players , Bitcoin mining 、 Trading or storage through specific exchange software 、 Bitcoin mining equipment and software 、 Bitcoin wallet can be very convenient to complete . But what many people don't know is , Behind the software is a very complex bitcoin algorithm , Including bitcoin encryption algorithm 、 Data signature algorithm 、 Signature verification algorithm and data transmission algorithm . In this bitcoin business , Problems in any detail of bitcoin algorithm will affect the completion of the whole transaction .

If we compare the characteristics of this bitcoin algorithm systematically , It can roughly include several aspects : The first is that the bitcoin algorithm combines almost all the previous information technologies , Including database storage and transmission 、 cryptography 、 Mathematical modeling and so on ; The second is the massive use of hash algorithm in bitcoin algorithm , And in many cases it's dual use , This is very important for improving the security of the whole data operation and storage ; Finally, the whole bitcoin algorithm is very responsible , If you want to fully grasp the technical personnel professional requirements is very high . The earliest currency , It's gradually emerging in people's transactions , From shells 、 Metal to paper money , Money has come a long way . Now in society , Money is issued by the state , The official circulation of the market recognized by law , Every day, whether it's a big market or a small market , There's a lot of money going through each other , transformation . so to speak , Money is the product of the market , Accept market regulation , But it's also about power , Issued by power , By the transfer of power . And under the dual control of market and power , There will be additional issuance of money from time to time 、 More hair 、 The situation of overuse , Currency imbalance is likely to lead to inflation and other phenomena , Endangering the market economy . In this case , Bitcoin came into being . such " unofficial " Our currency is not issued by any authority , It's a very complicated algorithm , namely , It's a product of computer computing . The earliest designers hoped to eliminate inflation and currency abuse through bitcoin , To achieve a real monetary balance , And this , This is the function of bitcoin at the beginning of its design .

Ideally , Bitcoin can do anything , Just like regular money , Carrying the function of circulation . And in the real world , in some fields , Bitcoin is really negotiable , for example , It can buy things online 、 Stocks 、 futures 、 Property rights and so on , Yes, of course , The premise is that the other party should also admit that bitcoin can be used for trading . And on the other side of the world , For example, the black market , The function of bitcoin is more remarkable . According to the data , At present, a large part of the black market transactions are realized through bitcoin , The monetization of bitcoin starts here , Maybe , This is something that the founders of bitcoin didn't expect !

Usually , Stabilizing prices are good news , But we should consider this situation in the actual situation , And look at it dialectically . Study cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin , You'll find things like ETH and XRP The price of such cryptocurrency is also rising . Contrary to the popular belief that the cryptocurrency market follows bitcoin , They ignore the general trend of the market , Go up and down on your own . This means the season for non mainstream cryptocurrencies (Alt Season) It has come Do you , May be , Maybe not. . However, it is obvious that , Both cryptocurrencies are growing rapidly with the support of the ecosystem , This article will focus on , Whether we should worry about the recent price trend of bitcoin “ stagnation ”. Now many people think that bitcoin is in a period of price consolidation , In a way, this kind of attention makes sense . After all The currency It's the standard bearer of the cryptocurrency market , Its performance is critical to the general market . However , Although bitcoin is reluctant to continue to break 60000 The key gateway to the dollar , But there's nothing to worry about . according to Santiment That's what I'm saying , Bitcoin is not yet in the “ Overvalued range ”, its 30 Days and 365 God MVRV( It is the market value of circulation MV And realized market value RV Ratio of ) With a higher level of MVRV It's a long way off . In fact, these indicators indicate that , The price of bitcoin still has a lot of room to go up . historically ,MVRV The top is the starting point of price decline . Because we are still far away from MVRV Top , Despite the recent integration phase , Bitcoin may go up a bit , Of course, there will be a callback soon .

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