What are the advantages of developing a currency speculation robot for the exchange?

advantages developing currency speculation robot

since 2020 In 2000, bitcoin rose from less than $10000 to 6 After ten thousand dollars .

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The digital money market has ushered in a new round of outbreak , It's the second spring , At the same time, the demand of currency circle investors for global information consensus and sharing of digital currency is also further deepened .

A lot of people are saying , I don't know anything about digital money markets , I don't even know which exchange to trade on , Not to mention the right currency to buy . You bet , We may often hear “ A year in the coin circle , Ten years on earth ” this sentence , But I don't know how to get involved , Because there are huge profits and a lot of scams . under these circumstances , Quantitative trading is getting hotter and hotter , Today I will focus on why this project is worth doing , And it's very simple , Let's talk about quantitative trading first ?

The quantitative trading robot is a kind of computer software program , It can be a mobile app , It can also be pc End of the program . Quantitative trading robots are mostly used in digital currency exchange platform , Intelligent quantitative trading program is mainly for the liberation of the hands of money speculators , Instead of the human brain, the strategy algorithm is executed accurately .

Quantitative trading can give traders the freedom of time , Free your hands and brain ,24 Hours of automation, easy to make money , You can spend this time to learn more about diversity . Never mind again k Line 、 indicators 、 The broader market , Make staying up late and keeping an eye on the market a thing of the past , Really feel the joy of currency speculation , Better to enjoy life .

Active circulation market at any time , People's attention has gradually shifted from the original mining to speculation . The word "fried currency" has a long history , It's mainly through mainstream exchanges like hot money 、 Currency security 、 Chinese currency and so on . In fact, the trading law of bitcoin is similar to that of foreign exchange , There are also European and American markets , That is, the market activity will increase at night or in the early morning . The friends of the coin circle have been working hard all day , Where is the time and energy to keep an eye on the market . So a product comes into being —— Coin frying robot .

Quantitative trading actually does two things :

① Mathematical modeling ( people )

② According to the mathematical model , Buy or sell at the right time ( Computer )

The first step is done by people , The second step is done by the computer .
Generally speaking, the Quantitative Trading Robot refers to the second step : The computer is based on a program written in advance , Judge when to buy or sell .

So we can simply think of : A computer program ≈ robot .

In fact, quantitative trading has become a mature practice in the stock market , There is data showing , The program trading of futures in foreign mature markets has accounted for... Of the total trading volume 70%-80%.

At present, there are mainly two kinds of robots on the market: fully automatic coin frying robot and quantitative trading robot . The main principle is the use of the pyramid trading principle , Don't analyze the market , The market goes up to make a profit , When the market falls, the average cost will be reduced by covering positions , And then wait for the market to return to profitability . Of course , Common tracking stops 、 Delay the operation of reducing warehouse , It can't be done by hand .

In addition to the basic functions of the common coin speculation robot, the quantitative trading robot has the following functions , Developed a strategy template . In other words, customers can understand the support level and pressure level according to themselves , Set transaction template freely and flexibly , Instead of using fixed interval replenishment . The use of transaction templates , The real thing is to make the deal live . Quantitative currency speculation robot suggests , Only allowed 10%-30% At small intervals , that 70% All of the above funds are used to expand the gap , In order to ensure that the cost can be pulled down after the sharp decline , Profit after a slight correction .
Quantitative trading has a high demand for the analysis and mining of big data , And the rapid development of Computer Science , The continuous update and iteration of artificial intelligence , The quantitative strategy is more perfect . Therefore, it is on this basis that quantitative investment enters into the vision of investors , Efficient models and algorithms , After the constant correction of the market , The big probability of getting closer to the return .
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