project : Blockchain and data sharing

Blockchain and Data Sharing

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The concept of blockchain comes from 2008 In the middle of this year, Ben Cong published his paper 《 The currency : A point-to-point electronic cash system 》. In the blockchain system , Each participant maintains the ledger database collectively , We maintain data consistency through consensus algorithm , And chain data structure and complex encryption technology to ensure that the data can not be tampered with . These designs are quite different from the centralized information systems in the past , It represents a new technology paradigm . The emergence of blockchain , It is expected to make up for the congenital defects of traditional network technology in the trust mechanism , For people to share data in the digital world 、 Building trust provides a convenient way .

At present , China is vigorously promoting the implementation of big data strategy . Insufficient data sharing , It is still the biggest on the road of deep integration of big data and real economy “ Land Rover ”. The rise of blockchain , From a technical point of view, this paper puts forward a new idea to solve the problem of data sharing . This topic is based on the application research of blockchain data circulation , Collected from industry university research experts 6 An article , It shows the latest research progress in the combination of big data and blockchain in China .

Yan Shu et al 《 The application of blockchain in data circulation 》 This paper introduces how blockchain uses its technical characteristics to solve the pain point problem and application cases in the field of data circulation . On the basis of a brief introduction of blockchain Technology , This paper expounds the use of blockchain to transform the link of authorization and certificate storage 、 The main idea of data traceability and smart contract implementation , Then it combs the overall framework of data circulation . On this basis , The application examples of data circulation using blockchain in foreign countries are given , And introduces some other new data flow technologies .

Ma Xiaofeng et al 《 Supply chain financial service platform based on blockchain 》 Focus on the segmentation of Supply Chain Financial Services , This paper introduces a supply chain financial service platform based on alliance blockchain , Improve the transparency of supply chain data flow 、 Traceability and safety .

Cai Weide et al 《 Application of big data oriented blockchain in clearing system 》 This paper introduces the application of blockchain in clearing system , This paper focuses on the analysis of the architecture design of the big data version of blockchain in the process of dismantling and merging composite transactions , From the perspective of big data analysis, this paper puts forward the potential value and significance of making risk decision and evaluation on the data on the blockchain .

Qian Weining et al 《 Blockchain and shared database 》 The function of blockchain in data management is weak 、 The problem of low performance is studied , This paper makes a comparison between blockchain and traditional data management technology , Also on 3 This paper analyzes three typical blockchain applications outside the financial field , Explore new research issues on blockchain , It also discusses the research and development of shared database system for specific applications ( That is to support the core business , Supporting the business model of sharing economy , Even the database itself is implemented in the way of sharing economy ) The necessity of .

Zhu Liehuang and others 《 Privacy protection mechanism for blockchain transactions 》 This paper studies the unavoidable privacy protection problem of blockchain data circulation . This paper analyzes the threat of privacy leakage of blockchain transaction data , At the same time, it introduces the privacy protection mechanism of transaction data represented by mixed currency mechanism , Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of different currency mixing mechanisms , And the future development direction of data privacy protection mechanism is prospected .

Sun Yi et al 《 The technical challenge of applying zero knowledge proof to blockchain 》 Focus on the key technologies in privacy protection —— Proof of zero knowledge , This paper expounds and analyzes the technical challenges of applying zero knowledge proof to blockchain privacy protection scheme , The solutions with guiding significance are given .

The purpose of this topic is to throw a brick to attract jade , Looking forward to more in-depth results presented to readers in the future .