Does filecoin officially enter the market again?

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filecoin officially enter market

In the past month , Those who pay attention to digital currency should have noticed FIL, It has attracted the eyes of countless people with its strong performance , Become the biggest black horse in the currency circle this year ,FIL The highest price of 238 dollar , The market value of circulation has also broken through successfully 1500 Billion dollars , The daily trading volume also reached the top of the coin circle , Beyond bitcoin and Ethereum .V|IPFS_KF818

but FIL The trend of development in 4 month 2 The day came to an abrupt end , The reason lies in 1:30 about , One holds 10.51 Billion FIL My account address has been sold off 260 ten thousand FIL, Can hold so much FIL My address is only official . And on the fire coin platform , The authorities also sold 220 m FIL, So we can basically conclude that this operation is an official act .

So what is the purpose of the official sell-off ?

The official first shot was FIL First day online , Last year 10 month 15 Japan , same day FIL At one point the price went up to 220 dollar , Closing day 137 dollar , The next day it still went up to 213 dollar , After that, the official emergency sale 150 ten thousand FIL The currency curbs fanaticism , The currency began to pull back , until 2020 year 10 month 24 Day back to 20-30 The dollar is about to stabilize .

This time, some people in the market think that the government is cutting leeks , After that, Juan made a series of shots 40 Several tweets explained this , The official move is out of the need of network ecological construction .

FIL The rapid rise of price has many advantages for the recognition of the project , But it's not good for the early development of the Internet . At this time, the number of new nodes increases rapidly in a short time ,FIL It's going to be a speculative tool , This is not good for the long-term development of the network .

Now ,Filecoin The main network has been online for nearly half a year , Various ecological landing projects are in steady progress , With the good development of the project , Large capital institutions are gradually entering the market , Layout IPFS/Filecoin Track , Drive the whole thing Filecoin The market is very hot . There are more and more entrants nowadays ,FIL Prices are going up all the way . This time, the government released 260 Wan cairang FIL A slight correction . With the earliest official use 150 Ten thousand coins will cost from 220 The dollar has stabilized to 20—30 dollar , Now the official use of 260 Ten thousand pieces have just come back to 170 dollar . It shows that investors are interested in FIL With the development of the Internet, we are more and more optimistic , Also shows Filecoin The development in the past six months has been affirmed by the public .Filecoin As the leading project of distributed storage , Its value is being recognized by mass investors .

From the analysis of technical index ,FIL The trend of currency price has seriously deviated from the trend indicator of bulls ,macd The golden fork has also deviated from , For a valuable new infrastructure project , The correction of this decline is for better rise in the future , It's not just mining , It's about creating better and effective data storage .

The official in the FIL When going up, we should take decisive measures to curb the rising trend, which means to control the overall ecological balance .2020 year Filecoin go online , To build a more secure 、 Stable 、 Fast distributed storage networks , But what we can be sure of is Filecoin It is becoming a global consensus on distributed storage technology , The best project of mainstream token .

Filecoin It's not just about mining , So it's different from other pure blockchain projects .Filecoin As IPFS The storage incentive network of Technology , Aims to become Web3.0 The data storage facilities of the era , Break the centralized data storage pattern , This is an epoch-making technological change .Filecoin The network provides an opportunity for everyone to participate in distributed storage , Everyone can theoretically be a node .

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