Some suggestions on the construction of AI intelligent mobile robot

suggestions construction ai intelligent mobile

As an individual investor , In the ocean of coin circles , It's like a boat , You don't know what you're going to face in the future , Maybe in an instant , There will be destruction .

Greed , Extreme , And emotional operation will make you make the wrong choice on the wrong basis .

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I believe you all have a deep understanding of . So I started to change , Start to understand quantification , Start to understand the coin frying robot , After all, robots can let go of emotions , Precisely stop the profit , Stop loss , It is more accurate and effective than manual operation .

Always remember , If you are an ordinary retail investor , When you think indicators are useful , Think about makers and professional traders , They know indicators better than you do , More importantly, they know when indicators will fail .

Finally, let me remind you , Break away from the habitual mode of thinking of manual trading , We should fully consider the power of the Chinese side and the game between them in this trading market .

Then try to trade in a quantitative way 、 Strictly enforce the way to help us build a trading system .

One of the biggest characteristics of quantitative trading is the analysis of big data , Don't over predict the market , Only do the right things under the right conditions , Not blindly , Strictly implement the set strategy .

A good quantitative trading system should at least include the trading model building module 、 Risk control module 、 Transaction cost analysis module 、 Instruction execution module 、 Policy back testing module 、 Data collection module and data cleaning module , The quantitative trading system for fund products also needs to add product monitoring module .

1、 Software main interface , Independent functional areas

Selection platform 、 Set up API、 Loading varieties ; Choose a position 、 Number of varieties 、 The risk type can be set with one click ; List parameters , View the detailed parameters and status of the varieties in the transaction

2、 Transaction parameter settings , Single setting and batch setting

Right click on the line of the variety , Open the transaction parameter setting window , Set multiple 、 rate 、 Stop surplus ; The area above the main interface , According to the position 、 Number of varieties 、 The risk type can set all kinds of transaction parameters with one click .

3、 Buy logs and sell logs

Click the button to view the detailed buying log and selling log ; It can be priced in different currencies 、 Different time periods , View all records and summary reports

4、 You can buy and sell by hand on a robot

Open the manual trading window , You can buy or sell digital currency directly at the best price in the market . No need to open the exchange , You can adjust the amount of money

There are many kinds of quantitative trading , It mainly includes moving bricks across platforms 、 Trend trading 、 hedging 、 Triangle 、 Interphase, etc . Trend trading focuses on following the trend of the market , Send out sell and buy signals according to trend indicators , Add positions when the trend is up , Reduce your position when the trend goes down , I think this operation can go with the water , Yield twice the result with half the effort .
Hedging refers to two simultaneous transactions related to the market 、 Buy and sell in the opposite direction 、 The quantity is equal to 、 A break even deal , In order to achieve the effect of hedging risk .

Quantitative trading has a high demand for the analysis and mining of big data , And the rapid development of Computer Science , The continuous update and iteration of artificial intelligence , The quantitative strategy is more perfect . Therefore, it is on this basis that quantitative investment enters into the vision of investors , Efficient models and algorithms , After the constant correction of the market , The big probability of getting closer to the return .

First of all , Quantitative trading greatly reduces the impact of investor sentiment volatility , It can effectively prevent investors from making irrational investment decisions when the market is extremely fanatical or pessimistic ;

second , Automatic program operation is more accurate than manual operation , More timely , And more efficient , Therefore, it is more able to seize the fleeting investment opportunities ;

Third , At the same time, there is less regulation in the digital money market , Quantitative strategy is more suitable for development .

Quantitative trading involves strategy , There are many digital currency exchanges around the world , Pricing in the same currency is different , There is a price difference between different exchanges for the same trading pair , As long as there is a price difference, there is room .

There's a lot of uncertainty in general artificial intelligence , For example, it takes a long time , The accuracy is not high , Prices change fast, etc , But seize the moment through quantitative models , Make a trading strategy , And automatically place orders with the exchange through programmed algorithm , We can make profits efficiently and stably , That's why so many people are obsessed with quantification !

There is always one more chance to believe than to doubt ! The scariest thing in the world , It's about taking your own time to witness other people's dreams come true !
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