IPFs distributed storage concept, advantages and Prospects

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ipfs distributed storage concept advantages

What is? IPFS?

IPFS, Full name Inter Planetary File System, It's also called the interstellar file system . In short, it's : This is a p2p The hypermedia protocol for , Make the Internet faster 、 More secure and more open . IPFS It's a global 、 Peer to peer distributed file storage protocol , You can connect all computers with the same file system . Traditional Internet HTTP The protocol is to search for domain addresses , however IPFS It's the search content address . use IPFS This subversion HTTP Protocol approach , In theory, it can make the network faster and more secure . IPFS The idea of distributed storage is to store and read files in a distributed way . Now all the information on the Internet , It's all on the server , If the server fails , We can't find the information we want . To prevent this from happening ,IPFS Technology breaks up the documents , Scattered in different hard disks , When downloading , And read it from these hard drives scattered all over the world .

Traditional storage and distributed storage

Traditional storage : Traditional storage communications rely on the network , Bandwidth is expensive ; The storage medium is easy to be monopolized 、 Data upload and download speed is slow 、 It is difficult to upgrade the storage space and expensive to expand it ; Distributed storage : Aggregating billions of nodes : The system is stable and reliable Encrypt fragmented data : Data security Elastic storage capacity : Scalable, high performance Multi point transmission nearby : Upload and download speed 、 Go to the central database 、 Break the data monopoly 、 Blockchain technology support 、 Data traceability and right confirmation . Compared to local storage , Distributed storage not only improves the utilization of storage space , It also achieves elastic expansion , Reduced operating costs , Avoid waste of resources . rely on IPFS The published information will not suddenly disappear in the emergency of service provider or hosting network , Increased security ,IPFS There is no central distribution system 、 It's also very fast . IPFS The advantages , It can solve the problem that the traditional centralized cloud storage data is easy to leak 、 The hardware is easy to damage 、 The ability to repair is weak 、 Low security , And face the risk of termination at any time . Distributed storage through IPFS The underlying protocol , Copy the database into multiple copies , Distributed storage on many nodes of the network , So as long as enough nodes work properly , Data is safe . Is based on IPFS Underlying protocol and basic node of distributed storage network . With the development of Cloud Computing , Especially the successful practice of Internet Enterprise Cloud Data Center , Distributed storage ( Cloud storage ) Instead of traditional storage ( The local store ) Be imperative .

IPFS, A network transport protocol designed to create persistent and distributed storage and sharing files , Is a content addressable peer-to-peer hypermedia distribution protocol . stay IPFS The nodes in the network constitute a distributed file system . Initially Juan Benet Design ,2014 Year by year Protocol Labs With the help of the open source community . This is an open source project , That is, it is free to use at present . IPFS— Unicorn of blockchain distributed storage . Use HTTP Looking for a location , While using IPFS We're looking for content .IPFS The way to do this is to no longer care about the location of the central server , Regardless of the name and path of the file , Focus only on what may appear in the file . The encrypted hash value calculated from the file content . The hash value directly reflects the content of the file , Even if it's just a little bit modified , The hash value will be completely different . IPFS There are basically no storage restrictions . Large files are sliced into small chunks , It can be downloaded from multiple servers at the same time , It can be well adapted to the content distribution network (CDN) The requirements of . This design can share all kinds of data well . IPFS Files can also be abstracted into special IPFS Catalog , To mark a readable file name ( Transparently map to IPFS Hash ), When you visit, it's like HTTP Get a directory index as well . because IPFS/IPNS The hash values of are long and hard to remember strings , therefore IPFS Compatible with the existing domain name system (DNS), Can be accessed through a readable link IPFS/IPNS Content . Namecoin Of IPFS No longer need ICANN、 Central server , Free from political interference , No authorization certificate is required . meanwhile Filecoin Further more , Gives us a way to pay each other for storing data . Filecoin It's a decentralized file storage network and protocol token . It uses a blockchain 、 A native cryptocurrency 、 Publicly verifiable proof of storage 、 Storage contracts with collateral 、 Algorithm market to ensure effective pricing 、 Support micro payment and payment channels to reduce transaction costs, etc . All these factors add up , Formed a powerful 、 decentralized 、 Self healing networks , It can bring together... From all over the world “ The miners ” Massive storage of , And provide powerful services , Strong guarantee of availability 、 Flexible and reasonable prices . It can automatically adjust itself to meet demand , Protect content from attacks , And recover from the miner's offline state . There is a huge amount of unused storage space among thousands of entities and individuals in the world . Filecoin By bringing all potential supplies to the market , It could lead to a sharp drop in the price of online storage . in addition Filecoin Powerful optimization process started ,Filecoin Miners can add more storage space on the network , Make a lot of money .

Application progress : IPFS Add... To the implementation HTTP gateway , So that existing browsers can also access IPFS. So there's no need to wait , Now you can start using IPFS As the storage 、 Distribution and construction of website facilities . IPFS It is a distributed data system with the characteristics of blockchain technology . in addition IPFS After recognizing the significant gap between the bitcoin network and the Ethereum network development community ,IPFS Decided to move to Ethereum .IPFS The development team believes that Ethereum's unified and multi-functional development community is a great asset for the network , Eventually, it will also have an impact on a wider scope IPFS agreement . There are a lot of startups based on IPFS Business innovation .

Looking forward to the future , If IPFS To popularize , The number of nodes reaches a certain scale , Even if each node only stores a little content , The accumulated space 、 Bandwidth and reliability are far beyond HTTP What can be provided . With it , Distributed Web It's going to be the fastest on earth 、 Most reliable 、 The largest data warehouse , Human knowledge will never be annihilated . IPFS And distributed storage is still in the early stages of development , But their prospects are very bright . We are very happy to be at the forefront of these technological developments , These technological advances have made the Internet and its data networks more secure 、 steady 、 Fast . Just as the Internet creates great connectivity and unleashes human potential , We believe that the next wave of storage agreements will also have a profound impact on the future . Zhengzhou do painless abortion price http://jbk.39.net/yiyuanzaixian/sysdfkyy/

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