Another application result of the development of automatic currency speculation robot in exchange

application result development automatic currency

Five of the world's top four and top six asset management institutions rely on computer technology to make investment decisions .

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And the scale of funds managed by quantitative and procedural exchanges is further expanded .

The first name , Bridge Water Fund 1629 Billion dollars ;

proxime accessit ,AQR,1138 Billion dollars ;

The third , Renaissance Technology ,601 Billion dollars ;

A fourth ,Two Sigma,388 Billion dollars ;

fifth ,D.E Shaw & Co.,312 Billion dollars .

secondly , In terms of the salary level of the employed , Global super 70% The transaction of funds is carried out by computer or program , Half of them are operated by quantitative or procedural managers .

For students with zero basis , Want to get into AI The door to quantification needs to be crossed 4 A mountain : Financial theory , Trading strategies , Machine learning and deep learning ,AI Quantitative practice .

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1. Financial theory

This part is mainly about the classical theories and models in the development of quantitative trading , Such as the market efficiency hypothesis 、 Option pricing model 、 Portfolio Management 、 The stochastic process of the stock market 、 Binary tree model 、 Smile model, etc , These are the theoretical basis for understanding financial market behavior .

2. Trading strategies

Fundamentals 、 Technical analysis 、 Time series analysis 、Alpha Strategy 、 multifactorial model 、CTA Strategies are traditional and typical trading strategies . Even in use AI In the process of solving quantitative trading , Traditional trading strategies are also widely used , At this stage, we can master the traditional trading strategy and its application .

3. Machine learning and deep learning

Any trading strategy will end up on the ground , Especially in the field of quantification , Use AI Technology requires basic machine learning and deep learning algorithms . Wu Enda in Machine Learning and 《Deep LearningSpecialization》 The theory and algorithm principle of machine learning and deep learning are explained in simple terms , It's a must-have medicine for beginners .

4. AI Quantitative practice

Practice is the only criterion for testing truth . Learners need to test whether the strategies are effective in a real market environment , And continue to optimize 、 improvement , Only in this way can we achieve stable returns for investors .

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