Sumswap node pre-sale attention soars, while uniswap V3 version is controversial

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sumswap node pre-sale pre sale

3 month 24 Early morning ,Uniswap Official announcement V3 Version details , And make it clear , This version will be released this year 5 month 5 Login Ethereum main network , Ethereum layer 2 network Optimism The version on will be 5 Released in mid month .

According to the official Of describe ,V3 Version will mainly bring the following updates : Focus on liquidity 、 Multiple rates 、 Range registration 、 Improve the Oracle 、 Deploy Optimism Of Layer2 edition . In the last year Uniswap The team announced 2021 In the road map of 2010 ,V3 The release of the version has been put in the first place , Much attention from the encryption market .


According to the official introduction ,V3 Version compared to the previous version , The biggest change is V3 Of LP To be able to reach as high as 4000 Times capital efficiency to provide liquidity , And let users get higher return on capital .

The news , The whole cryptocurrency community is looking at Uniswap V3.

However , In sharp contrast to the hot market UNI The dismal trend of currency price .

Just after the announcement ,UNI It's a big drop , Currency security data shows that ,UNI from 36.8 The dollar fell to its lowest level 29 dollar , A one-day drop of as much as 10%.

Back last year ,Uniswap The team announced 2021 The road map of , among , take V3 The release of the version is in the first place .

And since this year ,UNI The price of our products is also rising , From the beginning of the year 5 The U.S. dollar has peaked around 36 About $ , The increase is close to 700%.


in fact Uni I've had a clue before . In terms of data volume ,Uniswap Occupying Ethereum Ecology DEX Market close 50% Share ,Uni The price of is also from the beginning of the year 5 The dollar has peaked at 36 About $ , But recently Uni The rate of price growth is slowing down , Failed to match the growth of trading volume . That means fewer and fewer buyers in the market , Demand is drying up ,Uniswap Maybe entering “ Market cooling off period ”, this V3 The release of the news has not changed this situation .


at present Uniswap V3 My information is just an overview , Many of the hot issues in the market debate have yet to be answered by the government , But for those who belong to DEX For track players , This is a good time to overtake on the curve , In particular, the current market attention is soaring SumSwap.


SumSwap It's an innovative decentralization protocol with its own mathematical gene , Built by a UK blockchain company , The team is made up of technology geeks with the ultimate pursuit of mathematics and blockchain , Members have provided solutions for a number of high-tech companies in Europe and the United States with their attainments in mathematics and blockchain technology .SumSwap The team believes that this time DeFi The main reason for the success of the project is its innovative mathematical algorithm , Such as AMM Automatic market maker model 、X*y=Z And so on , And on this basis, we launched SumSwap platform , Not only can it be done Uniswap、Sushiswap Almost all functions of , We have also created an original basic index issuance model 、 Pass holder Staking、 ecology Staking etc. .


from Uniswap V3 From the content of the upgrade ,Uniswap Our goal is to solve the problem of capital utilization efficiency . although SumSwap Adopted with Uniswap Similar constant product pricing model , but SumSwap Chose and Uniswap Different solutions , Innovation from the ecological level .


SumSwap It's not just through innovation that AMM Liquidity mining , It also includes holding money Staking、 ecology Staking There are three ways of mining , Provides investors with a rich portfolio space . At the same time, in order to ensure that the ecology can be fair 、 Stable 、 Healthy long-term development ,SumSwap Platform pass of SUM Using the base index model .


SUM A total of 3.2 Million pieces , Pre excavation 3200 Ten thousand mother coins , The remaining 2.88 There are five stages , More than ten years in total . Among them, the daily output of Tongzheng is 40% For holding money Staking,40% For Ecology Staking, Of 20% be used for AMM Liquidity mining .AMM Liquidity mining and ecological invite mining, as the name suggests , Participate in liquidity mining 、 Invite others to get the corresponding benefits , Well understood. , Here's the thing to watch SUM A distinctive holding coin Staking Mechanism .


Money holding Staking It's very common in the encryption market , Reward the holders according to the amount of money they hold , But it's very easy to cause more and more money in the hands of big families , The effect of snowballing , Gradually monopolize the whole Ecology , It seriously affects the experience of other ecological participants , It has a negative impact on the development of ecology .


and SUM I'm holding money Staking Using the jump ranking weighting algorithm , The whole income range is divided into general benefit area 、 The best return area and the worst return area , Interestingly , The worst benefit area is located in the area with a large number of coins . in other words , Once the holding exceeds a certain threshold , Yields will fall instead , It can effectively avoid excessive concentration of funds in the hands of large investors , To ensure the steady development of ecology , Create opportunities for more ecological participants .


Although it's not officially online yet , but SumSwap In the market has a very high degree of attention , Golden Finance 、 Mars Finance 、 Star daily 、 Babbitt and other well-known media platforms in the industry have appeared a lot about SumSwap Introduction and interpretation of , Even became 4 Golden finance is the chief cooperative enterprise of Innovation Conference , It's very amazing .


The official plan was to 3 month 29 Japan (UTC+8) The official launch , Open the pre-sale of nodes and members at the same time , The market is hot beyond imagination ,SumSwap The team had to open the pre-sale qualification of the node ahead of time . Now the computer is on Connect metamask, Or through any mainstream Ethereum wallet input You can view and participate in the node campaign , Candidates need to move in ETH In exchange for the corresponding SUM, Activate your account and invite 10 Users are eligible for election . In exchange for SUM There are only 3000 people , The number of final nodes is only 400 individual ,SumSwap Reserved 800 ten thousand SUM To a node , Each node can get 2 ten thousand SUM And enjoy exclusive node benefits . Member pre-sale will be a blind vote , most 3000 Ginseng and , At least per person 4000USDT, At present, member pre-sale is not open yet .


DeFi、DEX And so on 2018 It has been mentioned in the past year , Because of Technology 、 cognition 、 Market environment and other factors , until 2020 The market began to pay attention to it in 2000 , So the track is still in its infancy ,Uniswap、Sushiswap Although the leading forces have occupied a large number of market shares by virtue of their advantages , But the new force in the track is also very strong , Now the head platform is showing fatigue , It is SumSwap When the rising star breaks through .Uniswap V3 The upgrade has to wait until 5 month , However, the fire in the track has already burned under the city .


Decentralized financial integrators on the shoulders of giants 、 a DeFi Domain integration applications will meet with global blockchain believers ! Redefinition DeFi The Tong Zheng model 、SumSwap More on Vivian 1365     0593 Subvert your perception , Witness mathematics and DeFi Perfect fusion .


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