The top ten key points of grade rules, revenue, routing method and eftalk

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key points grade rules revenue

Ten key points of Avanti :

One 、EGG+EFT It's an exchange , It's a chat software , It's a perpetual financial mine

Two 、 The static return is 4 Double lever 2‰ Every day, we're digging . Back to this cycle 150 God

3、 ... and 、 Dynamic benefits

The corresponding dynamic returns of different levels are :

V1 Under the umbrella 3 generation 3‰ The dynamic calculation force is released rapidly 、

V2 Under the umbrella 6 generation 3‰ The dynamic calculation force is released rapidly 、

V3 Under the umbrella 9 generation 3‰ The dynamic calculation force is released rapidly 、

V4 Under the umbrella 12 generation 3‰ The dynamic calculation force is released rapidly 、

V5 Under the umbrella 15 generation 3‰ The dynamic calculation force is released rapidly .

Social account Barrett transferred to trading account , Social account contract transfer , Social account reinvestment , Can get the corresponding amount of operation under the umbrella 3‰ Speed up the release of computing power , The static return is EFT Zoom in 4 It turns into computing power , Every day, we're digging 2‰ Release .

Four 、 Hierarchy rules

If Afanti's social account reaches 10000 computing power, it will become V1, This process is evaluated only once , As long as the calculation power of an account reaches 10000 , In the later stage, even if the computing power drops to less than 10000 , And it's not going down .

Become V2 It's direct push 2 individual V1,

Become V3 It's direct push 2 individual V2,

Become V4 It's direct push 2 individual V3,

Become V5 It's direct push 2 individual V4.

When a superior leader uses EFT The social account transfers the first arbitrary amount of money to the newly registered account contract of the subordinate EFT, The subordinate becomes the direct promoter of the leader .

How to view direct push Open social accounts , Click chat in the lower left corner , Then click the portrait button in the upper right corner , Then click on the node , You can check the direct push situation .

5、 ... and 、 Whether it's shopping , hedging , Re cast ,EFT Every turn is 80% To the other party's account ,20% Enlarge in your own account 4 times , Come back 80% Calculate the force !

6、 ... and 、 Avanti control panel , All the data is written on the chain , You cannot change , It's all small tickets , Supply is less than demand , One coin is hard to find .

therefore : If you want to spend a lot of money, please take a detour If you don't think it's profitable enough, please take a detour Impatient , Those who like to complain, please take a detour

7、 ... and 、 Afanti follows the principle of gradual progress and accumulation . If you want to get the result, it must be one step at a time , Static and dynamic combination .

8、 ... and 、EFT It's just an appetizer ,EGG Wealth is rich in ecology , Unlimited value added .

Nine 、EFT And EGG Independent existence , But they're connected , Powerful technology , Every tiny circulation data can be traced and inquired .

Ten 、 Once the mnemonics are lost , And private key or keystor. Your account will be lost forever ! Avanti has no static business , Because we make money like an exchange , Every account has to be cashed 、 transfer 、 Re cast 、 consumption 、 payment 、 exchange … As long as you move, you'll get water revenue , endless 、 Endless …

Under the umbrella partners put in 10000EFT, Zoom in 4 times , Will produce 5 Times of running water is 50000 The water , Thousand three's running water income , It will speed you up 150EFT,40000 The release of computing power is 80EFT. If this 80EFT A full return will produce 5 Double water is 400 The water , The benefits of thousand three , It will speed you up 1.2EFT.

2~2 Copy

First floor :2

On the second floor :4

Three layers :8

four layers :16

Five floors :32

Six floors :64

Seven layers :128

eight :256

Nine floors :512

10th floor :1024

The 11th floor :2048

The twelfth floor :4096

The 13th floor :8192

14th floor :16384

The 15th floor :32768

total :65534 people

Everyone speeds you up 150EFT, namely 9830100EFT

Everyone accelerates you every day 1.2EFT, Every day 78640.8EFT, As the time of compounding increases , And that's going to go up !

3~3 Copy doesn't count , I'm afraid my heart can't stand it

attach : How to arrange the wires

The arrangement line mainly uses the double track line and the solar line , When developing a team, it needs to be combined with .

First, use the double track , Arrange your account number , Every account 10000 Calculate the force , Slowly build your master account into V5. Meet Afanti EGG NETWORK Mining docking pursuit 18 8200 092 Happiness goes up one level ! Second, use the sun line , Share team customers with your high-level master account , If your main account number is V5 Grade , You can get the team customers under the umbrella 15 Hierarchical computing power accelerates , It can minimize the loss caused by team skipping under the umbrella .

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