White paper on blockchain + digital economy development

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white paper blockchain digital economy

recently , In order to promote the healthy and vigorous development of the digital economy , SaidI blockchain Research Institute released 《 Blockchain + White paper on the development of digital economy 》. The white paper points out that , With the rapid development of digital economy , Blockchain has great potential in promoting the innovation and development of digital economy , At present , Already in agriculture 、 manufacturing 、 Logistics 、 Finance 、 People's livelihood and other fields are gradually applied , Accelerate the digital transformation of the economy . Besides , The white paper analyzes the current situation of China's digital economy development , This paper discusses the technical advantages and theoretical basis of blockchain technology driving the development of digital economy , From the real economy 、 Government digital governance 、 In terms of digital assets, this paper analyzes in detail how blockchain can enable the development of digital economy , In view of the challenges existing in the development of digital economy driven by blockchain, this paper puts forward relevant suggestions .

The white paper first describes the application of blockchain in various scenarios of digital economy . While blockchain application has made a series of progress , The challenges facing the development of its enabling digital economy can not be ignored . For now , The security of blockchain technology still needs to be improved ; There are also many difficulties in large-scale implementation and promotion .

The white paper also states that , Accelerate the innovation of blockchain core technology 、 Establish a digital economy supervision system based on blockchain 、 To promote the further development of blockchain, we should accelerate the implementation of applications and strengthen personnel training . It is suggested to strengthen the blockchain + Digital economy professional training :

First, we should strengthen the basic digital economy 、 Blockchain talent training , Accelerate the cultivation of interdisciplinary talents with solid technical and theoretical knowledge and higher application and management ability ;

Second, pay attention to the cultivation of high-end technical talents , And famous universities abroad 、 Scientific research institutions 、 Well known enterprises and others jointly cultivate master of blockchain 、 Doctors and other high-level talents , We will promote Sino foreign cooperation in personnel training and introduction projects ;

Last , Encourage strong blockchain enterprises 、 Internet companies and financial companies set up “ Enterprise University ”, Carry out technical and management training according to market demand and industry development orientation , structure “ Enterprises - market - industry ” Trinity blockchain talent training mode . Zhengzhou vulva leukoplakia Hospital :http://www.120zybbyy.com/

Now , Digital economy has become the key engine and new advantage to promote China's economic development ,《 The 14th five year plan for national economic and social development of the people's Republic of China and 2035 The outline of the long-term goals for the year 2000 》 Building Digital China as an independent chapter , It means that the transformation and upgrading of digital economy is the future of our country 10 The key opportunities for economic development in 2010 , Digital economy will become the core component of China's economic transformation .

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