Development of defi mobile mining system and construction of pledge mining system

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development defi mobile mining construction

DeFi English is DecentralizedFinance, That is, decentralized finance , Or distributed finance . They are products running on the public chain . There is no tampering with the logic of these products , In other words, it is often said that the smart contract cannot be tampered with .

Why run on blockchains like Ethereum ? Instead of developing financial products to serve users ? Because Ethereum and other public chains are composed of thousands of nodes , Each node maintains the same network state record and code . All of its transactions and status need to be agreed , No single node can change the history and state of transactions at will , You can't change the contract code at will . Run financial products on the public chain , It means it can't be tampered with , meanwhile , It doesn't need permission either , Everyone can take part in , That's why DeFi It's part of opening up finance . In the end, it's composable , You can build on these financial products 、 Connect and combine , This leads to all kinds of innovations , That's why it happens so often DeFi The reason for the term LEGO .

But from the current practice , Because of... On Ethereum gas The cost is too high , There are also technical barriers such as managing wallets , It's almost impossible for a small amount of money to make a good profit from mining . From this point of view , current DeFi Liquidity mining can not be regarded as inclusive finance or real open finance , Because it has a relatively high threshold of capital and Technology . This is the follow-up public chain and running on it DeFi The product needs continuous iteration and upgrading to solve .

because DeFi Running on the public chain , It doesn't need permission 、 Unalterable 、 Combinable , It means anyone can get involved , You can borrow 、 Trading and other financial activities . General statement ,DeFi It's a whole new field .

Second, what is liquidity mining ?

at present DeFi The liquidity of mining , It is mainly the products on the Ethereum blockchain , It's through for Ethereum DeFi Products provide liquidity and gain profits . Simply speaking , Deposit some token assets to mine , It's called mining , It also follows the bitcoin mining industry saying . stay Compound To carry out liquidity mining on , It is mainly used to deposit or lend tokens , In order to gain COMP The reward of governance token . and COMP The token represents Compound Governance of the agreement .

stay Balancer To carry out liquidity mining on , To provide liquidity for the token pool of transactions , For example BAL-WETH Pool supply

Mobility , Liquidity providers can be in proportion to ( Such as 80:20) Deposit in BAL and WETH Tokens, , And then according to certain rules , get BAL Tokens and related transaction costs .

General statement , Liquidity mining is mainly through the provision of token assets , So as to gain profits . Zhengzhou treatment of vulvar leukoplakia which hospital is good :

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