Depth: analysis and Discussion on the large scale commercial landing of NGK public chain in the future

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depth analysis discussion large scale

NGK Public chain At present, it is in the state of steady increase of computing power and incubation of ecological application , And then there's a steady stream of Ecological builders Join in . front For a while ,NGK The whole network of the public chain Calculate the force The total number of sales exceeded 880 ten thousand T, this Prove it's booming . However , Any one of them valuable All commercial projects are inseparable from to ground , today Small make up Let's talk to you NGK Public chain How to take the road of commercialization .

NGK Public chain Significance of birth

First We need Understand why NGK Public chain Will be born , Everybody knows , Traditional public chain, whether in technology or in market construction , There are many disadvantages , It greatly limits the future construction and development of the blockchain market . and NGK Public chain use DPOSS Consensus mechanism 、 Graphene technology and IPFS Distributed storage technology , It solves the dilemma faced by the traditional public chain , Satisfy A large number of small and medium-sized retail investors are low Gas fee Of transaction demand . Besides ,NGK The public chain also uses 21 A super node mechanism , When a malicious node appears , The rest of the super nodes can be eliminated by reporting , Ensure the stable operation of the platform .

NGK After the birth of the public chain , It has attracted the participation of many ecological builders , so to speak ,NGK Public chain plays an important role in promoting the development of blockchain market .

Who is right about NGK Public chain Demand ?

From a business point of view , Can a business model work , most important of all Is it Addressing specific business needs , Who solved the problem of demand , user Just Meeting Choose who . about NGK Public chain Come on , it Potential of Of Where are the demanders ? In fact, it's hidden in the traditional public chain , For example, a large number of retail players in bitcoin and Ethereum .

from user From the perspective of , It is divided into institutional users and retail investors with small amount of funds , But no matter what kind of users , The most important thing It's all about whether our own interests can be maximized under the premise of safety . First and foremost Platform Security , For any Public chain Come on , The user's digital assets are under attack It's all catastrophic . Secondly, users also care about cost , If the cost is low , Then they may also consider . And finally, speed , If the platform is too fast to jam , Then the user experience will be very poor . Obviously ,NGK The public chain has done a good job in these aspects .

NGK Public chain The potential for future development

The present , In terms of storage performance , In terms of throughput , Or platform stability or Gas In terms of cost ,NGK Public chains have incomparable advantages over other public chains , therefore , It is welcomed by many ecological builders .

On the other hand ,NGK The public chain is widely distributed . Now it's done DeFi、Dapp、Token、DEX、 Full coverage of computing power . future , With NGK The promotion of public chain technology , It will be applied to more ecological industries , Further expand the scope of commercial landing .

so to speak ,NGK Public chain It will be the future Blockchain A development direction of the market , Whether you like it or not , It has become an irresistible trend of exploration , A road to commercial rise .

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