Atfx warm heart of the public road, with action interpretation of corporate social responsibility

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atfx warm heart public road

【 We walk with love 】

ATFX Since the establishment of the brand , Always adhere to “ Give back to society ” The concept of corporate social responsibility , We learned that business is not just about creating wealth , It's also a social responsibility .


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So ,ATFX It's not just social responsibility , Engage in public welfare activities , It also extends the concept of public welfare to environmental protection 、 Public Health 、 Poor students 、 Youth education and care for vulnerable groups and many other fields , It has won wide praise and affirmation from all walks of life , Public welfare and brand reputation construction have also made great achievements in the world .

ATFX As the business struggles to grow , Actively participate in and support public welfare and philanthropy .


【 Promoters and practitioners 】

As an active promoter and practitioner of public welfare in today's world ,ATFX A lot of human, material and financial resources are invested every year , do everything in one's power 、 Physical strength is the contribution of social public welfare . With the original intention of giving back to the society , Give back to society .

Since joining in public welfare ,ATFX There are more and more ways to participate in public welfare activities , From caring for children 、 Young people to the elderly and other groups of physical and mental health , From love to education 、 Help protect the environment 、 From ecological poverty alleviation to public health security ,ATFX The scope of public welfare is more and more extensive .


【 Philanthropy is all over the world 】

Along with ATFX The vigorous development of public welfare ,ATFX Philanthropy has spread all over the UK 、 China 、 South Korea 、 Thailand 、 Countries like the Philippines , By hosting 、 Co sponsor 、 Working with partners 、 Many forms of organization, such as association with charitable organizations , We should try our best to give a helping hand to the service groups in need .


The following is a ATFX A list of some charitable activities :


2018 Public welfare activities in 2008 :

1、 Malaysia “ Ningqiu Leling house ” Home for the aged activities

2、 First time sponsorship “ Edinburgh Duke Cup International Golf Tournament ”

3、 Hand in hand with financial weekly to carry out the donation of love to students in Yunnan


2019 Public welfare activities in 2008 :

Second sponsorship “ Edinburgh Duke Cup International Golf Tournament ”

World breast cancer day “ Pink Party ” fund-raising activities

Visit the sunshine village children's welfare home in Phuket

4、 Sponsor the 11th “ Young icebreaker ” Annual dinner 5、 Once again, we will join hands with financial weekly to carry out the donation of love to students in Yunnan


2020 Public welfare activities in 2008 :

project —— To China 、 Malaysia 、 the Philippines 、 Thailand 、 South Korea and other countries donated epidemic prevention materials

Donate a lot of supplies , Help put out the forest fire in Chiang Mai

Donation to the Thai children's welfare home , Help young people grow up healthily

Give the fruit basket to the medical staff of the University of North Middlesex Hospital

Third sponsorship “ Edinburgh Duke Cup International Golf Tournament ”

World breast cancer day “ Pink Party ” fund-raising activities

For the third time, we have joined hands with financial weekly to carry out the donation of love to students in Yunnan


Care for the growth of teenagers ,ATFX Three years in a row “ Edinburgh Duke Cup International Golf Tournament ”

from 2018 Year begins , until 2020 year ,ATFX Has sponsored the UK for three years in a row “ Edinburgh Duke Cup International Golf Tournament ”.2018 During the year of the competition ,ATFX Members also took part in the finals at the Buckinghamshire golf club in the UK ; stay 2019 year ,ATFX Participated in the qualification and finals held by belwood Lake Golf Club and Western Hills Golf Club . In these two seasons ,ATFX The management of the company were invited to attend the Royal champagne reception held by the host organization in Windsor Castle 、 The Royal evening dress dinner , And meet with his Royal Highness Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex ;2020 year ,ATFX Sponsor the Duke of Edinburgh cup world golf tournament again .


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“ Edinburgh Duke Cup International Golf Tournament ” The purpose is to raise donations to help young people around the world develop in an all-round way and receive better education ,16 During the year, it attracted the attention of a large number of golf fans and philanthropists around the world . It's the same to pay attention to the development of teenagers ATFX One thing I've been doing , We have sponsored this cause for many years in a row , The main purpose is to support the healthy growth of teenagers .


【 Love to the end —— Yunnan huangjiazhai primary school students 】

In the growth of teenagers ,ATFX For three years in a row, he also sent love to the children of huangjiazhai primary school in Yunnan .ATFX After three years of one-on-one support , All aspects of huangjiazhai primary school have been further improved and renovated , It mainly includes computer room 、 The library 、 Music, sports and beauty classroom 、 Teachers' office and other multi-functional classrooms . Besides , In order to improve the children's dining environment ,ATFX The child bought a brand new dining table and chair , Provide them with a better dining environment .


【 Picture of Yunnan primary school 】-ATFX


【 war “ Epidemic disease ” love 】

stay 2020 When COVID-19 wreaked havoc all over the world ,ATFX As a responsible and caring enterprise , Active activities in the front line of epidemic prevention and control , Take on the responsibilities of an enterprise . During the epidemic prevention and control period , In the face of material shortage 、 One “ cover ” A difficult situation ,ATFX Use global resources to urgently purchase anti epidemic materials such as masks , Invest in various efforts to distribute free love masks in various countries and regions for the first time , Deliver enterprise warmth with simple love , To contribute to the fight against the epidemic .

During the outbreak , The medical staff set up a solid wall between the virus and the public , They are dedicated to their duties and take good care of every life .ATFX Realize the difficulty of every medical staff , To thank doctors and nurses for their bravery and dedication ,ATFX The British team and the National Hospital of the University of Essex, North Middleton, London (North Middlesex University NHS Hospital) cooperation , A thousand boxes of fresh fruits were provided for the staff of the hospital . Hope to add a smile to the faces of the angels , Send a warm .


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More Than This ,ATFX And to China 、 Thailand 、 Customers in Malaysia and other countries 、 Medical staff and other disadvantaged groups give free masks 、 alcohol 、 disinfectant 、 Professional anti epidemic books and other anti epidemic materials , We will take practical actions to support local anti epidemic undertakings .


【ATFX Help for love , Stand up to the tide and move on 】

Looking back at the past ,ATFX Always believe in , It's a very warm thing to give your love to the society . therefore , We constantly devote ourselves to public welfare , Actively fulfill social responsibility , Give your love .

future ,ATFX Will always remember the mission and vision of the enterprise , Many parties join hands with charitable foundations to carry out cooperation , Increasing investment in the field of public welfare and charity , Take more social enterprise responsibility with practical actions , More and more enterprises will join the ranks of charity , Light up the light of love in more people's hearts with actions , Let the power of love grow stronger and stronger .