From defi 2.0 to NGK ecological chain, how new public chain NGK relay the second half of defi

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at present DeFi The main bottleneck of the project is The reason is that “ The main battlefield ” So called Ethereum public chain itself It's too crowded meanwhile The service charge is also Compare high , comparison DeFi If you want to replace the handling charge of traditional finance, it's already a sky high price , However, the reason why people are willing to pay high fees , It's mainly because of the speculation expectation on the tuyere , But it doesn't seem to last forever . And then there's the current DeFi Basically, applications can't go out of circles , therefore DeFi It's also natural for growth to slow down .


After Ethereum , Many public chains have openly indicated that they want to All in , However, the actual phenomenon shows that these The public chain is rubbing hot spots , Just yell and don't do it . Of course There are people who do not speak and act directly Of , Top public chains NGK this is it Take the lead .


NGK Public chain from 2018 Technical finalization began in ,2020 year 10 The main online line of the month , The whole process takes time 2 More years .NGK Public chain Build a convenient tool for application development in the technical field , The zero knowledge proof is realized TPS Reaching the million level .NGK Public chain Of The main body Architecture helps to break the shackles of the existing information island of the public chain , Promote horizontal flow and collaboration of information . After the technology is complete , To solve the problem of public chain landing in the financial field .



NGK Public chain In order to DPOSS As a system consensus mechanism , System internal support VN virtual machine ,NGK The system supports the deployment of smart contracts . So based on the above two points , bring NGK The transaction efficiency and transaction cost on the chain are better than those of Ethereum , With the blessing of smart contracts NGK Public chain It's completely capable of building a large number of DeFi The terms of the agreement .


Leading technology 、“ Out of circle ” Products , Coupled with the high performance of the underlying public chain , Maybe I haven't been able to make a breakthrough DeFi, about NGK Public chain It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity ?


In the past , Blockchain and digital currency have been joked all the time. The biggest applications are currency speculation and meetings , And now DeFi Form a closed loop through perfect logic , Instead of docking with the offline, we can directly run the financial application .


No one understands this better than the practitioners of the public track ,NGK Public chain Trying all the time , Liquidity mining , game 、 Ecological Institute ...NGK Tell a story out of context , Back to the most practical , Solve the most urgent problem for the people in the coin circle , All the way to the economic closed loop .


about NGK Public chain for , Assets in other chains can be transferred to Cross link In the form of , Atomic exchange To their own system to achieve system asset richness , Across the chain, standard “ Packaging tokens ” You can join without problems NGK Of Dapp, this bring NGK Public chain stay DEFI2.0 There is great potential for applications in the financial sector .


In the near future ,NGK launched NGKEX, It solves the problem that cryptocurrency holders need liquidity to invest in the crypto market , Also on NGK The token is enabled .NGK go online NGK Ecology means NGK Get , In addition to supporting computing power mining , It can also be traded freely in the secondary market . However NGK It's the original token of the public chain , It has a fixed total supply 10 Billion gold . Such a supply is scarce , Combined with the NGK Vigorously develop the public chain DEFI Mining with pledge NGK The resulting deflation ,NGK In turn, the butterfly effect will affect Its Holding value , Forward cycle , Build up NGK The bottom financial and economic closed loop .

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