Discussion on the long-term value of ngkex

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discussion long-term long term value


In the near future Coinbase Send a message to say , The registration statement on the direct public listing form has been declared effective . if Coinbase If successful , It means taking the industry to the next “ Standardized development ” Stage , In addition to the centralized exchange , It will also stimulate all DEX The price of the token ,DEX For example, the structure of plate UNI、SumSwap、BAL And so on will be boosted by this emotion , and DEX The collective rise of will drive other DeFi Plate up .


NGKEX yes NGK The global digital asset trading platform created by the project , yes One DeFi Eco integrated products , It integrates the current excellent smart contract applications and carries out original creation and upgrading DeFi project . so to speak NGKEX It's a decentralized model created with smart contracts 、 Open and transparent digital asset trading platform , And on this basis, develop and operate decentralized lending 、 Decentralized derivatives 、 Decentralizing stable currency business .NGKEX Our vision is to provide an easy-to-use decentralized trading platform for every investor , To increase the security of each user's assets 、 Liquidity is the core goal of the platform .

Actually NGK Our goal is not just to create a simple NGKEX Aggregate ecological trading platform , It's about being able to carry DeFi A complete ecosystem of values .


As DEX The new force of the track ,NGKEX It has been mentioned frequently recently ,NGKEX Why can we achieve such a high degree of market recognition ? And how to break through the fierce competition ?


NGKEX The platform pass is NGK, Total number of issues 10 Billion , Pre excavation 6 thousand over As a seed fund , The remaining 9 Billion 4 thousand Ten thousand or so 6 It was released in 2005 .NGK Of dig The law is calculated strictly , And designed a special Staking Mechanism , The setting of this mechanism , It's a perfect balance NGKEX Every member of the ecology , And has the extremely strong stability and the expansibility .


One of the purposes of this kind of design is NGK In order to break up the centralized control of large enterprises , Avoid a few NGK Monopoly in the hands of individuals , Make decentralization more thorough , Strive to achieve a win-win situation in the community ; Second, when the entry-level users of the public holding area are catching up with the most cost-effective holding amount , The best holding capacity will become the public holding area , To repeat , Continuously increase the amount of money held in the whole network , promote Token Market value . And the users in the worst holding area are for the yield , It will also spread the amount of money held , Make the distribution more balanced , Make the ecology more stable .


The number of participants in a project directly determines whether the ecological prosperity of the project . Through the characteristic mechanism ,NGKEX Give Way Users of the platform can hold money through investment 、 Mining income 、 There are three aspects of development dividend to get rich returns , And as the returns increase , There will be more and more people involved , In turn, it will further promote NGKEX Ecological development . Now, NGKEX It's still in its infancy , Users can get... At the lowest price in the early days NGK Pass card , The investment threshold is low ; Besides , With NGKEX Development of the project 、 Market expansion , More and more investors will join the project , More and more users are catching up with the best holding area ,NGKEX Will have a steady stream of buying ; What's more, it's an early project just launched . This is the best time to participate .


at present DEFI market In a period of chaos , At this time, the project is very complicated , Users want to participate in DeFi And the threshold is getting higher and higher , and NGKEX In the early stage of project layout , From the perspective of historical development Good morning! There is a big chance , Users only need to find this kind of high quality In the early project , Then it will be able to be several times , Dozens of times , Even a hundred times increase , and NGKEX It is with all the early features of a quality project .


NGKEX From the beginning of the road map planning, it will be a long-term, stable and sustainable development project , And is able to continuously capture value to users , In addition to just need, users can grow with the development of the project and get early dividends Leading projects .


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