I've talked about it before IPFS Mining and Filecoin Some information about , I see many friends want to know something about mining , Let's have a deeper understanding of mining . What does blockchain mining mean ? How does blockchain mine ?


What does blockchain mining mean ? understand FIL Of (+V: ipfs120 )

First of all, it's very simple , Blockchain is a distributed shared ledger and database , With decentralization 、 No tampering 、 Leave a mark all the way 、 It can be traced back to 、 Collective maintenance 、 Open and transparent . These features ensure the blockchain's “ honest ” And “ transparent ”, Lay the foundation for the blockchain to create trust . And blockchain has huge application scenarios , It is basically based on blockchain, which can solve the problem of information asymmetry , To achieve collaborative trust and concerted action among multiple agents .

There are two kinds of blockchain mining :

1. Dig bitcoin . After every transaction , It's not complete , Transaction data must be written to the database , It's just established , The other party can really receive the money . First , All the transaction data will be sent to the miners , Miners are responsible for writing these transactions into the blockchain , Complete the mining and get profits .

2 Digging counterfeit coins . Zero 、 Monroe money 、 Ether money 、 Wright coin 、 Bitstocks and so on “ Copycat coin ”. After assembling a miner , Connect to the designated mine pool , According to a specific algorithm , Start full load operation , Complete a calculation cycle to get “ One ” Virtual currency . And then “ This piece ” Money on the Internet trading platform , Cash out .

How does blockchain mine ?

In fact, regional block mining is very simple , Just buy a computer for mining , Next, we can dig , You don't have to do it yourself , There can be computers that perform specific operations , In the process of mining, it's OK to ensure that sister Qian has electricity and network .

The above is to share with you the meaning of blockchain mining and some small knowledge about how to mine blockchain , Partners in need can have a look at , For more information ipfs Mining information , Follow up articles , Hopefully that helped .