Tencent issued "Cang Yuntong" and issued "ID card" for each commodity!

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tencent issued cang yuntong issued

Release a piece of real news :

2021 China e-commerce food materials Festival , Tencent cloud has officially released the Warehouse Express Food traceability platform .

Warehouse Express ” Tencent's cloud integration capability is mature 、 Tencent security's leading security technology and code chain technology, as well as Beidou's diversified industry components and algorithms , It can effectively help logistics enterprises improve the efficiency of operation and management , Optimize the food safety management process , Improve the digital level of supply chain in catering industry .

Warehouse express height can be configured , Achieve food refinement 、 Automated management

Warehouse express platform is highly configurable , Have 130+ Data interface , It can connect with the mainstream at home and abroad ERP System 、 Electronic business platform 、 Express delivery system .
Relying on Tencent cloud's middle platform and underlying technology capabilities , And the mature industry WMS、TMS、BMS、OMS system , Warehouse express platform can meet B2B、B2C Fine management requirements of various complex business scenarios , Precise management to the minimum of goods SKU Company . The platform also supports intelligent data analysis and automatic generation BI report form , It can realize the early warning of food on time 、 Inventory alert 、 Automatic replenishment decision and other functions . Besides , The platform can also integrate and drive sorting in the warehouse 、 Carry 、 transmission 、 scanning 、 Weigh 、 Printing and other automation equipment , Realize full automatic management .

Based on the warehouse Express Platform , Tencent cloud also aims at chain catering 、 Fresh electricity 、 Supermarkets and other business scenarios create exclusive solutions , It can help enterprises save 15% The above rent 、 Labor and transportation costs , Average shortening 3.9 Days of inventory cycle , Increase capital turnover .


Help food safety traceability , Warehouse express issues... For each item “ Id card ”

In the catering and food industries , Food safety is a topic that no enterprise can bypass . Relying on the underlying blockchain Technology , Cang Yuntong platform and Tencent security cooperation , For business 、 The government provides complete commodity traceability services , Anchor goods based on one thing, one yard , It's equivalent to issuing a card for each product “ Id card ”.
Goods go from production to sale , The subject of each link is in his own identity ( Private key ) Write information signature to blockchain , Information cannot be tampered with , Identity cannot be denied . In case of a dispute , It can quickly locate the problem link , So as to provide evidence and pursue responsibility .

During last year's epidemic , A variety of imported cold chain food packaging detected new coronavirus positive , It's a huge test for epidemic prevention and control . To help prevent and control the epidemic , Tencent cloud launched Tencent cold chain food traceability platform based on warehouse express platform .

Tencent youcode technology customizes the exclusive attached code for each batch of goods , Equivalent to goods Id card , Once there is an epidemic related problem in a box of goods , The market supervision department and the enterprise can vertically associate the people involved in the batch of goods in the first time 、 Warehouses and transport vehicles , At the same time, it can also lock the same batch horizontally 、 Same source all problem items .


Fast and accurate identification of wool party , Let real benefits reach consumers

In addition to food safety traceability , Tencent premium code combined with Tencent security Tianyu's AI Marketing risk control model , It can also help brand owners quickly and accurately identify the wool party in marketing activities , Let real benefits reach real consumers . Tencent youcode has connected more than 30 Billion , On average, it brings about 15% Of ROI promote , Save more than 3 Billion .

2018 year , Mengniu as FIFA World Cup global sponsors , It's out 2 A hundred million yuan cash red envelope interacts with consumers . In order to cooperate with Mengniu to build this phenomenal Marketing , Tencent has come up with an excellent digital marketing solution , Save more than 1000 Million marketing funds .

at present , Tencent cloud warehouse express platform has been applied to the world 19 A country , Service Super 2000 A logistics center , management 1800 More than ten thousand square meters of storage area . With the official launch of the platform , In the future, more and more enterprises will come in , We will work together to improve the digitalization and safety of the catering industry .

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