It's said that the development rule system of quantitative trading tracking robot is different

said development rule quantitative trading

Have you found that in the past six months ? Investors are starting to wake up , I'm really awake , It's not as naive as it used to be !

I've been on one file after another , Dangdang new pattern , Leeks should be afraid too , No matter how good the project is , Are no longer willing to put capital into other people's pockets !!!

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You're also willing to Q Call someone or an organization ?

Let's imagine a scene :

If someone cooked two courses , Let's evaluate these two dishes , Which dish is more nutritious for us . Usually , You may pass “ see ” Knowledge of the number of dishes and the ingredients of the esophagus , To evaluate .

And if we use mathematical models, statistical tools , Data analysis and calculation of the ingredients in the two dishes , Come to a conclusion , This is called 「 quantitative 」.

alike , We use computer technology , Through modeling and Analysis 、 Optimization of parameters and other means , Mining indicators that affect investment from historical financial data , Use programs to trade automatically to get “ excess ” Revenue , This investment method is called quantitative trading .

Through quantitative trading , Investors are greatly reduced because subjectively “ empirical ” Judgement and “ emotional ” The ground impulse makes irrational investment decisions ; At the same time, because of the excellent computing power of computers , Investors can also find investment opportunities more quickly “ law ”.

Speaking of AI Applications in quantitative trading , Let's take stocks for example .

As an investor , There are two main kinds of returns from our investment : One is Alpha earnings , The other is Beta earnings .

What's the difference between these two benefits ?
Simply speaking :Beta Income is the income brought by the overall changes of the market , and Alpha The income is affected by many factors . So relatively speaking , Want to get Alpha earnings , More needs to be considered , So it's also harder to get .

So how to get more Alpha What about the revenue ?
Here we're going to mention one called “ factor ” The concept of . Let's take the example of choosing dishes above , In every dish “ Protein content ”、“ Vitamin content ” That's the factor . In the stock market , Make different strategies for the combination of various factors , And then execute these strategies , You can get more Alpha earnings .

Most of the stock factors have not been able to bring positive returns this year . However , In quantitative trading , What we can't do well , Artificial intelligence can do it for us .

utilize AI technology , We can deal with data that cannot be quantified in the traditional sense , By using different algorithms , Computers can choose and execute different investment strategies

at present , Quantitative positions of major securities companies in China , In recruitment, candidates are required to have background in computer or artificial intelligence and other related fields .

In terms of educational background , Quantitative analysts mainly have bachelor's degree , Master's degree is a supplement , It fully shows that the development of quantification in the industry is ahead of that in the academic field , In this golden age , introduction AI We can't wait for quantification .

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