Filecoin information: Recently, various organizations are competing to use IPFs to build blockchain projects

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filecoin information recently various organizations

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After people's data ,A Stock listed companies hypergraph software ( The largest geographic information system in Asia (GIS) Software manufacturer 、 CAS is the largest shareholder in circulation )、 Moby, a US listed company ( The world's first chemical e-commerce integrated service platform 、 CAS uses data platform internally ) Announce the use of IPFS Technology building blockchain project .

In the near future Fil The price of money is singing all the way , For a time, it broke through the historical high level 220 dollar , Rise to 238 dollar , Now back to 160 Dollars or so .IPFS Ecological applications are booming , Value is reflected , Push Filecoin Keep strengthening . earlier 300472 Xinyuan Technology 、002400 Shengguang Co., Ltd 、002587 Alto Electronics 、603000 People's net and other listed companies are also using IPFS Technology building block project .

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