Filecoin, swarm, distributed storage network on blockchain

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filecoin swarm distributed storage network

Internet technology has been around for decades , Now it has developed to a certain height , And the underlying protocols of today's Internet HTTP Technology has surpassed 30 Year time , Its traditional centralized data storage mode has not adapted to the development trend of the Internet . Frequent data center security incidents and user privacy leakage incidents always challenge users' nerves .V|IPFS_KF818

In such an era , With Filecoin Distributed storage technology represented by . Distributed storage technology helps to replicate multiple data backups in geographically dispersed storage devices . The main problem of distributed storage technology is how to deal with the problem of multiple operations accessing at the same time , How to keep data consistent .

This paper attempts to explore some new distributed storage projects , Such as Filecoin、Swarm etc. .


Filecoin It's a distributed storage network , As IPFS The incentive layer .IPFS In the development of proven technology 、 Simplifying and connecting to a single system plays an important role . It provides a new platform for users , For writing and deploying applications and distributing and isolating big data . Because it is P2P, No node has privileges , therefore , It can store data on a large number of computers .

It is worth noting that ,IPFS Can pass TCP( Transmission control protocol ),μTP,TOR Even Bluetooth for communication , Use P2P Instead of using a central server to establish the connection .


stay Filecoin At the same time of rapid development ,Swarm Also quietly born .Swarm It is also an important platform for distributed storage and content distribution , The main purpose of its birth is to provide the scattered and redundant storage of Ethereum public records , Especially storage and distribution Dapp( Called distributed application code ) And blockchain data .

Filecoin and Swarm Can provide efficient distributed storage layer for current users , And the two have IPFS And Ethereum blockchain endorsement , Can effectively replace the current Internet storage data through the development of ecology .

Distributed storage networks can achieve zero downtime 、 Anti censorship 、 Permanent version of the Content Archive, etc .

And it's worth mentioning ,IPFS and Swarm Use separate network communication layer and peer management protocol . And Swarm Deep integration with Ethereum , It can benefit from , These include smart contracts and Ethereum's network stability .

Swarm The difference in Filecoin The two main differences between them are :“ Upload and disappear ” And incentive systems . The former means Swarm It can not only provide content, but also provide cloud storage services at the same time . Unlike other blockchain systems , You don't just have to publish the facts of hosted content , And there's a real feeling , That is, you can upload content to Swarm And disappear immediately .

Swarm It is expected to become the most popular universal storage and service network , It can basically meet all the needs of users . This includes providing interactive Web Applications , And providing permanent and guaranteed storage services for long tail content .

The innovation mode of the incentive mode is to ensure that the participating nodes follow their own rational interests , It's also good for self-sustaining on the whole network .Swarm Some of the features of include random access ( Range queries ), Integrity protection , be based on URL Addressing , Encryption support , Reasonable rejection and bandwidth and storage incentives .

Swarm It is expected to be the grand goal of building a third network in the field of Ethernet .



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