Filecoin box with NFT development template is online

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filecoin box nft development template

Filecoin Box Already in Truffle go online ! With Filecoin Box, Developers can start building decentralized art galleries .V|IPFS_KF818

Ganache (Truffle Suite A member of the ) It's private for developers 、 A simulator for blockchain cases that can be run locally . Developers can take advantage of Ganache, Build in a safe and real environment 、 Deploy 、 Test decentralized applications , Then publish the app to the public network .Filecoin Box It's using Filecoin Ganache and Ethereum Ganache Two simulators created 、 Deploy 、 transaction NFT Template tools for . rely on Filecoin Box,Truffle For developers NFT Storage issues and for connecting to Ethereum ,IPFS and Filecoin Ecology lays the foundation .

Filecoin Box So that developers can build a decentralized art gallery in the test environment . Except for Ethereum nodes , also Lotus and IPFS The node is used to deploy the ERC-721 The standard NFT. Besides ,Filecoin Box Contains a front-end environment where you can view assets .

For a long time ,NFT Creators and holders rely on centralized storage solutions with risks , Or it has appeared rug-pull The address of the problem . and Filecoin and IPFS Based on its security , Is rapidly becoming NFT Storage standards .Filecoin Distributed data storage for buyers and creators , and IPFS Replace traditional content addressing with https:// Address addressing , Content addressing identifies content by encrypting hashes rather than addresses .IPFS It can even be used by the creator through a simple command line application Minty To cast and store NFTs.Filecoin and IPFS So it leads NFT Secure storage of .

working principle

function Filecoin Box Will generate 10 Accounts , Each account contains 100 individual FIL. Each account can create storage transactions in a simulated environment 、 Casting NFT、 Upload / retrieval NFT. Storage transactions are users ( stay Ganache The client is the developer ) Agreements with storage miners , Miners need to store data in Filecoin The Internet ( Here it means ERC-721 assets ). In public Filecoin In the network , These transactions need to go through “OTC” complete , In other words, we need to make a deal with the miners first , To store data . stay Filecoin Box in , The deal will come automatically , To simulate an active storage market .

By accessing the storage market 、 Recharge your account 、 establish NFT Standard and front end user interfaces , Developers can create and test a variety of Filecoin The interaction with Ethereum , Examine the storage and retrieval process , Continue to create robust decentralized applications , Support distributed storage Ecology .

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