The core technology of blockchain and the benefits of exchange building

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core technology blockchain benefits exchange

In the current system design or application development , They all consider the central server to realize all the information exchange and data storage . But in practice , By building a distributed architecture and open source protocols , Let all participants participate in data recording and verification , And then it is sent to each node through distributed propagation , Even if some nodes are attacked or damaged , Also will not affect the integrity of the entire database and information updates , It means that every participating node is “ Self centered ”.

Blockchain is attractive , It has its advantages , That's the mechanism of distributed storage . Information records on each block in the blockchain , It's all done by every computer involved in bookkeeping , Mainly node competition records .

The soul of blockchain , An important consensus mechanism has been formed , Make sure that the node is willing to take the initiative to book . In addition to the above core technologies , Blockchain also applies to Mathematics 、 Economics, etc .

So what's the advantage of using an exchange ?

The advantage of exchange on the blockchain is that the exchange does not hold a large number of cryptocurrencies from users , All cryptocurrencies will be stored on the blockchain and controlled by users' wallets or smart contracts . An exchange that would have needed trust centralism , Now you just need to trust the blockchain and smart contracts . Most of the smart contracts used in exchanges will be open source so that everyone can confirm the details of the contract .

The central exchange usually does not disclose the source code of trading details , In fact, only its insiders can know how to operate . Open smart contracts maintain the transparency and security of the transaction process , Even if there is profit in the split, it will also be disclosed on the blockchain .

The biggest value of decentralized exchanges is , Users have absolute control over their assets , The exchange's technology orders will eventually be linked through the blockchain smart contract , It ensures the transparency of the transaction , Greatly reduce the cost of users' trust in the exchange , Zhengzhou vulva leukoplakia Hospital :

But there are also problems with the user experience 、 Liquidity is not strong 、 Legal currency exchange and other issues . But with the gradual maturity of the underlying technology of blockchain , The trading experience of a decentralized exchange 、 Trading speed and other aspects will also be improved and strengthened

The exchange is the carrier of secondary market transactions , After the emergence of cryptocurrency , Individual to individual transactions appear , It's certainly not convenient to pay with one hand and type with the other , To facilitate transactions between bitcoin holders , The exchange has made a way to buy bitcoin on the platform , And every purchase is actually a person to person transaction .

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