Interpreting the "danger" and "opportunity" of zero cost NFT survival

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interpreting danger opportunity zero cost

NFT, It's another blockchain trend , It's also a capital for investors to show off , Or a bubble that is about to burst ?

When a digital work of art is sold at Christie's auction at a staggering price (6935 Thousands of dollars ) On sale , The successful bidder didn't get anything tangible —— No sculpture 、 No painting 、 There's not even print . In its place , He / She got a unique digital token , This kind of digital token is called “NFT”, It's a nonhomogeneous token .

notes : The image above shows the encryption artist Beeple( Original name Mike Winkelmann) Digital mosaic of 《 every single day : The original 5000 God 》(Everydays: The First 5000 Days), At Christie's with 6935 The final price of ten thousand dollars was auctioned off .

NFT The so-called “ Heterogeneity ”, It means that no two tokens are the same and interchangeable , Every token is unique . Traditional legal tender ( Like Indian rupees and dollars )、 Even ordinary cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Ethereum can be exchanged with each other , And of the same value , Like what you have 100 The dollar is essentially the same as what I have 100 The dollar is no different .

If you send someone a bitcoin , He / She returned it to , The returned bitcoin must not be the one you just sent . however , Every NFT They all have unique attributes , So it can't be with another NFT swap , In the digital world ,NFT It's a kind of “ assets ”, It can be bought and sold like any other physical asset .

Why do we need digital collectibles 、 Application in art NFT Well ?

In the digital world , All content is replicable . If you want to forward an image to 10 personal , Just keep the original image , Create at the same time 10 A new copy will do .

But blockchain technology doesn't allow people to copy NFT This kind of cryptocurrency , It is also not allowed to spend the same token twice .

Why is the market right NFT Make a lot of publicity ?

As people spend more time looking at the screen with their mobile phones , Our lives have become digital . actually , We've had a unique game token in the past few years 、 Digital goods such as game props and other collectibles , They are all uniquely marked , In essence, it can be transformed into NFT.

Of course , The concept of token has been around for many years , Only recently , One is the upsurge of cryptocurrency , Two is through NFT Digital art sold at a very high price , Both greatly stimulate market interest , such as :

NBA Dallas Rangers boss 、 Billionaire mark · Cuban (Mark Cuban) And other well-known investors have been exploring NFT,NBA Top Shot You can see many exclusive stars on the website “ Highlight time ” video NFT.

This year, 2 month , Digital collection distribution and trading platform Foundation Tweet scale , By the artist Chris Torres Creative rainbow cat (Nyan Cat) Digital animation art in China NFT In the auction 300 ETH( About us 585954 dollar ) sell .

Twitter Jack, co-founder of · Dorsey (Jack Dorsey) Launch the first tweet ever NFT, The bid is as high as 250 Thousands of dollars .

Any unique number “ assets ” You can bring it with you NFT label , In the current market boom , these NFT You can get a higher valuation in a very short time , The range of assets is also all inclusive , Like rock bands Kings of Leon New album released 、 All kinds of cute cartoon cats ( Mostly in the name of digital art ), Or a lot of other things in between .

NFT Any good ?

Undeniable? ,NFT It has solved many problems existing in the current Internet . As everything becomes more digital , The digital world needs to replicate physical properties , For example, scarcity 、 Uniqueness and proof of ownership . stay Netflix Science fiction movies 《 Black mirror 》 in , In the future, even human consciousness can be uploaded online ,NFT In fact, to a certain extent, the issue of uniqueness of digital target has been solved .

Every NFT Each has an owner , The owner's information is recorded in the public blockchain , Anyone can easily verify it . Artists and other creators can not only through NFT Enter the global market , And you can keep the ownership of your own works , They can even ask for resale royalties directly .

Of course ,NFT There may be other benefits , Maybe you can use it in the future NFT As collateral for decentralized lending .

It should be noted that ,NFT Valuations have gone through traditional hype and bubble cycles . Even digital artists “Beeple” stay BBC In an interview with (“Beeple” A painting created NFT Recently, works of art have just been published 6,900 It's sold for ten thousand dollars ).

NFT What should I pay attention to ?

However ,NFT Essentially, it's just the only label of an asset ,NFT And it's not just about having labels that increase the value of .

If you have to make a comparison ,NFT It may be very similar to the only barcode pasted on the package in the express service , Each package has a bar code , Although barcodes are useful , But it doesn't have any impact on the value of the package itself .

Essentially ,NFT There is no difference , They're like unique barcodes , It's just decentralized and based on blockchain .

in addition ,NFT There is also a dark side , Especially some media hype , To make people think that they can NFT Make a lot of money in the market , Plus twitter founder Jack · Dorsey (Jack Dorsey) And Elon, the founder of Tesla · musk (Elon Musk) And other industry bigwigs are also actively promoting NFT Trend , Many people are very excited about this new Internet concept . Review the market development in the past , Maybe we can see some clues :

2016-2017 During the year , We see “ Initial token issue ”(ICO) We got a good harvest ;

2018-2019 During the year , We see “ Securitized token products ” Set off an upsurge ;

2019-2020 During the year , We also found that decentralized finance (DeFi) It has become a hot topic in the market ;

Now? , We have it. NFT.

For those who are not optimistic NFT For people who , They are for NFT Maximum “ charge ” One of , I just feel that this emerging field has formed a market where people are scarce , Because everyone can create unlimited NFT Tokens, , And in the real world , Art is not art “ Zero cost ” To make the , This is the NFT The biggest difference . But , once “ Zero cost ”NFT Finally, it flooded the market , It will lead to more and more creators trying to profit from this upsurge , Supply will overwhelm demand , Eventually, the price plummeted . Zhengzhou vulva leukoplakia hospital which good :

On the other hand , although NFT The essence of value is a kind of value “ Proof of authenticity ”, But the problem is , People can even talk about one “ Something that doesn't exist at all ” establish NFT. for instance , If an artist has never created a painting , But there's a fictional story online NFT, So who can verify it ?

From the perspective of energy use , Cryptocurrencies and NFT Trading seems to be unsustainable , The energy consumed by a bitcoin exchange , May be equivalent to 700,000 Energy consumption of credit card ; Ethereum trading is slow and slow gas It's expensive , allegedly NFT The performance of the new deal is even worse , Single NFT Transactions involve multiple digital processes , From creation 、 Buy , To sale and resale , Every step takes a lot of energy . With data statistics ,NFT The average power consumption is about 340 kWh, This means that the carbon footprint is as high as 211 kg .

Another uncertainty is that , In essence ,NFT Values can be completely separated from the digital goods they mark , And destroy their original value .

for instance , If a NFT Marked a picture , When this NFT After being sold , Original authors can actually change their paintings , And all “ The only way for new paintings NFT” Copies are still available for free , So what was sold in the past NFT What value is there ?

therefore , If you are still considering buying NFT, Please think about , And carefully read these contents and problems mentioned in this article . Unless you are the creator yourself , otherwise NFT No cash flow will be provided . More Than This , If by definition ,NFT It's not even a real asset . If you want to make money , The only way is to find something else NFT buyers , This means once the bubble burst. , What you have left , Maybe it's just “ The right to boast ” 了 .

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