Introduction of blockchain Wallet

introduction blockchain wallet

What is a blockchain wallet ?

To clarify what a blockchain wallet is , Let's talk about the concept of private key and address first .

What is the private key and address ? Actually , The private key is like your bank card password , The address is like your bank card . As long as you have a bank card and a password , Anyone can learn from it ATM Take the money . And the address of digital currency is public , It's like everyone else has your bank card , So your bankcard password ( Private key ) It becomes very important ! Once you leak your private key , Someone else can transfer your bitcoin .

Real life wallets are used to put money , But blockchain wallets are not used to store digital money , It's mainly used to store the private key , To be more precise , Blockchain wallet is the address 、 Private key and blockchain data management tools . Because who owns the private key , Who owns the digital currency .


The difference between wallets :

1、 Centralized wallet

The centralized wallet is deposited in the platform server by the private key of the wallet , Users don't have to worry about losing or forgetting their private key , At the same time, the platform will expand more convenient ways to use , The exchanges on the market basically adopt centralized wallets .

Strategies for creating centralized wallets

a、 Addresses can be generated in advance by batch , When a user applies for a recharge address, he can associate the address with the user number , You don't need to create a new address every time you apply .

b、 When the user registers according to the user , To generate address , The private key of the address is stored according to the storage mode of the private key , The system is stored in a higher security area .

2、HD wallet

HD The full name of wallet is layered certainty (Hierarchical Deterministic) Short for wallet HD Wallets. establish HD When it comes to wallets , Can generate mnemonic words , The mnemonic is 12 English words ( Or more ) Composed of , You can import wallets according to mnemonics , It can be imported across platforms , If you can A Create... In your wallet HD wallet , Later on B Import it into the wallet platform , Corresponding token Data will also be synchronized .

3、 Multi Chain Wallet

Multi Chain Wallet is HD The expansion of wallets , Because Single Chain Wallet only supports a certain public chain , Such as ETH wallet , Only support ETH Or according to ETH Developed token,BTC or EOS It can't be stored in ETH Address , The emergence of Multi Chain Wallet is to solve this problem , The existing Multi Chain Wallet will support multiple public chains , Such as BTC、ETH、EOS etc. , It can be understood that a wallet can contain multiple public chains token.

4、 Hot Wallet

Internet wallet , That is, the private key is stored in a location that can be accessed by the network , It can also be an online wallet . Users can use it on any browser or mobile device , Usually it also provides some additional functions , Make it more convenient for users to use , It's more about Internet companies or transactions, so it's used in the way of daily reserves .

5、 Cold Wallet

A cold wallet is a wallet where the network can't access your private key . Cold wallets often rely on network isolation to ensure the security of private keys , For example, computers that are not connected to the Internet 、 mobile phone 、 Small books with private key address, etc . Cold wallet avoids the risk of being stolen by hackers , But there may be physical security risks , For example, the computer is lost or damaged .

6、 Hardware wallet

The storage function of hardware cold wallet is similar to that of hard disk , But when it trades , Generate payment password randomly , And each transaction is digitally signed , Available at any time ; Like in a bank card U shield .

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