Will fil price start at $300 in 2021? How long does it take to buy a mining machine to dig fil?

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fil price start long buy

The coin ring law

—— The three laws of any currency

First of all : Long time goes by 【 It's a game 】

second : If you fall for a long time, you will rise 【 Falling is a way to attract funds 】

Third : If you rise for a long time, you will fall 【 It's about making money 】

Blockchain coin circle , If you want to turn over, don't worry about the short-term gains and losses and the ups and downs , The blockchain is sweeping the sand , Don't get out of the car if you want to make a lot of money !

Fried currency is better than Tun coin , It's better to mine than to save money !

today 90% I can't afford 1000 An Ethereum , Because it takes 300 ten thousand ; But five years ago 99% Most people can afford , It costs less than 10000 yuan !

today 90% I can't afford 100 Bitcoin , Because it takes 1000 ten thousand ; But ten years ago 99% Most people can afford , It costs less than 100 yuan !

Again 2-3 After year , Can we afford 1000 individual FIL? It's worth savoring …

future Filecoin The project will have growth value , Judging by several points, its currency price will rise :

First ,Filecoin It's not just a digital currency , It also provides detailed application scenarios . Usual , It mainly promotes application scenarios , In the future, all developers and application scenarios will burst out , FIL It's going to be bought by our customers .V    zhang228289

secondly ,FIL The current value is undervalued .Filecoin The current market does not even have the top five digital currencies , Undervalued . In a year , Its active disk reaches about 100 million .

in addition , Let's talk about Filecoin The economic model of .

Filecoin Our economic model has been officially adjusted thousands of times , But the parameters keep changing , Finally, we come to a conclusion , at present , Its economic model is the most complex one among all blockchain projects , In the beginning, I used PoW The algorithm of , Its replication proof and space-time proof , Mainly used CPU And graphics card can do a lot of proof .

The founder of Ethereum V God in 2017 He put forward to use Ethereum to zero knowledge proof in , But it hasn't been done yet . however Filecoin I used to apply zero knowledge proof to storage proof , So that the chain has the ability of storage . It's an innovation .

that , talk about Filecoin The benefits and Filecoin The relationship between different economic forms , There are the following points :

First , It is estimated that the effective computing power of the whole network will increase . at present ,Filecoin The capacity of the network has exceeded 3.9EiB, The daily growth is also very fast . At today's growth rate , Every day about 30PB The growth of , This is different from the slow growth of miners on the Internet for the first time , At that time, the miner was under the pre pledge currency .

The other is effective T Calculate the predicted output .Filecoin The total capacity of the network has exceeded 3.9EiB, With 24 Hourly block bonus calculation , Every day can produce 36 All around FIL currency .

Next up is the day's profit , because Filecoin Our economy is different from other companies , It's more complicated . Debenture FIL Out of package data , also 25% The day after tomorrow ,75%180 God, release .V     zhang228289

besides , Another key point is 180 God Filecoin Release amount . When the first 181 days , When the amount of money produced on the first day is released , May I mention FIL Money is close to its maximum . thus , For miners , The first 181 The mining volume will reach the highest value in three days .

Overall speaking , At present, the biggest investment opportunity of blockchain is Filecoin. Bitcoin and Ethereum have reached a certain height , future Filecoin Can it go up to 300 US dollars ? Let's wait and see !

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