The value of various models built by blockchain applications

value various models built blockchain

Blockchain ” It's been burning for a long time , Now there is a professional position of blockchain skill engineer , In the currency circle, all kinds of coins need to be traded on the exchange , The exchange is still the main digital asset currency trading place , Then someone will wonder , How much is the cost of building a blockchain exchange platform ?

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I believe everyone is also more concerned about the cost of developing and building a blockchain exchange platform , The following article will introduce and analyze . There are a lot of models for exchanges .

What are the exchange models ? For example, currency matching transaction ( Memory matching / Server matchmaking )、 Outside OTC transaction ( Individual to individual and business ),C2C transaction ( There are many ways , You can buy again with points , There are also matching point-to-point transactions , Platform currency, etc ), Trade is mining ( similar Fcoin)、 Contractual transactions (OKcoin) And other exchange models .

If you need to do an exchange , We must first understand how the price is generated ? Only when there is contrast can there be harm , Then why are there high and low ? There's a lot of news in the industry , The exchange's security incident , And the loss of money . How to avoid it ? How can we make sure that we can do it without any problem after we do it , After the launch , It's still guaranteed later , It's not that you can't even find the other person in the back .

First of all, the exchange itself is not a one shot deal , It's quite different from what we know well , The first consideration of the financial industry is absolutely safety , No safety is the most dangerous support . Because the operation of the platform is becoming bigger , There are big and small problems, but also need to cooperate with developers many times , So the early choice must be very important , What really solves the problem is more useful than the eloquent , Say more , If the problem is not solved, it is useless .

​ Let's analyze the exchange costs , How are exchange fees assessed ?

(1) Functional mode assessment

For example, currency 、OTC、 Trade Mining 、 Contracts and so on

(2) Details of the functional plate

Except for the big system , What are the requirements for functional details

(3) The strength scale of the selected developer

personnel 、 Technical experience 、 Covers an area of 、 Large and small enterprises, etc , So the expense is different from the cost , Large scale developers may want high points , Because its expenses and costs are relatively high , But after the cooperation, the maintenance is good , It can be specially maintained , Small developers , Although the cost is relatively low , But because of its small staff , It is impossible to maintain it carefully in the future , The perspective-taking , Developers need to do other projects , Follow the market , Need system upgrade , Develop new products , It must take a lot of human time and energy to deal with .

(4) Ready made and customized

Existing systems or custom types , Or customize some of the features you want based on the existing ones , It will have an impact on the final cost .

(5) Time factor

such as : Last year, the development exchange may be a price , But this year, the whole market is likely to be a higher price . A lot of people don't understand this , In fact, it can be analyzed in this way : The system is to upgrade, iterate and add new functional modules , New features must have time cycles 、 Cost of expenses 、 Personnel and other expenses , Naturally, the cost goes up . summary : The price will depend on the market situation 、 The price will change over time , As the saying goes ​ Well said. ​“ Choose the day as the collision day ”.

(6) Detailed functional requirements assessment

It's hard to get the exact price in the early stage , Unless you start by listing the entire project functions and ideas , The needs are sorted out , This kind of quotation will be very accurate . Not in the back ​ stay ​ Increase the cost .

(7) The costs are piling up

In fact, the cost of the financial industry exchange itself is not low , If you ask a lot of families about their high and low , Some developers may give you a low fee , however , When you really do , Some expenses will be added unconsciously , And it's in a state where you can't help it , Some may be necessary , Otherwise, we can't go online later . It turns out that the cost is even higher , So it's better to list your detailed requirements at the beginning , Considering some circumstances , Ask developers more and put forward their own views and ideas .

(8) Costs outside the project

The fees of the exchange should be distinguished from those related to the exchange . Like the exchange, you need security 、 Later maintenance , But third party defense doesn't belong to the exchange , domain name 、 The servers are all third-party , These are generally outside the scope of exchange developers , But it's all needed , Other costs also need to be considered , For example, how to calculate the post maintenance , Developers generally have standards , Take full responsibility for , Or it has its own technology and doesn't need much maintenance , Remote technical support , Upgrade package and so on .

How to choose to do this exchange , Its value must be worth the cost ?

The exchange of blockchain industry , As far as I know, if you want to make a better , From a few hundred thousand to hundreds of thousands , According to the scale of development, the consumption will naturally be more . The perspective-taking : You think that in the blockchain exchange platform , Like fire money 、 Currency security 、OKEX、 How much is the value of such platforms as Chinese currency ? In fact, the threshold is rising every year .

This paper is written by mkz888z Organize and release , Welcome to exchange !

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