Blockchain development brings us leap forward

blockchain development brings leap forward

The model structure of blockchain , There is basically a definition in the existing data : The infrastructure of blockchain can be divided into six levels , Each layer completes a core function , And some technologies are used to ensure the normal operation of the whole blockchain system , The layers cooperate and support each other , Implement a decentralized trust mechanism .

all the time , In people's minds , Blockchain and bitcoin are non mainstream technology industries

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The main reason for this phenomenon is that it deviates from the development channel of mainstream currency . In the early , People regard blockchain as an existence with the same trend as traditional industry and Internet industry , The advantages of blockchain development

Subverters and grave diggers are people's basic positioning for blockchain , The result of this positioning , Let the blockchain stand on the opposite side of the traditional industry and the Internet industry . That's why , In fact, the development of the early blockchain lacks a proving ground and nutrient base , Finally, the development of the blockchain industry is in a dilemma .

For blockchain , Farewell to digital currency , It's actually a nirvana , Because the matrix of blockchain is actually digital currency . When blockchain abandons the development model represented by the simple construction of a digital currency outside the mainstream market , Actually , It's choosing a harder one 、 A longer road to development .

However , This development path is actually more practical , Because only the blockchain can be applied to the real industry , Reduce costs and increase efficiency for the real industry , Its profit model has its footnotes . Predictably enough , After this nirvana of blockchain , The development of blockchain industry is bound to usher in rebirth . After the baptism of Supervision , The role and positioning of blockchain has been reshaped . Blockchain is no longer a traitor , It's becoming an empoweror . Exchange application development advantages .

By applying their own technology to different industries , To solve the pain points and problems that cannot be solved by Internet technology . This is the time , The development of the blockchain industry can be regarded as jumping out of its original role and positioning , Really enter a new stage of development . For blockchain , This is actually a rebirth . With the penetration of blockchain in all walks of life , Many processes and links in people's lives have gradually been deeply changed by blockchain .

In the near future , Blockchain Technology 、 Blockchain industry 、 Blockchain development and so on will move from the minority to the public , From non mainstream to mainstream .

This is the inevitable result of blockchain breaking free from the shackles of digital currency , It is also the necessity for it to enter reality from rationality

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