Filecoin up 30 days in a row, fil mining cost choice and rate of return?

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filecoin days row fil mining

01. Heat first

Filecoin insane 30 Heaven is the king of trade

so to speak , Whole 3 The king of heat in the month is Filecoin, from 2014 The concept was put forward in 2017 year 1CO, Until then 2020 After years of continuous pigeon release, the main network finally went online , Go online and reach 1400 Yuan , Then it plummeted to 19 dollar , Since then, I've been 20-40 The dollar has been trading sideways for months . V     zhang228289

This is known as web3.0 The king of foundation is finally 3 The first outbreak began in September , Of course , All we're talking about right now is Fil Price , distance IPFS It's going to take a while for Ecological Applications .

from 3 month 1 Japanese 250RMB To 4 month 1 Japanese 1500RMB, only 30 The sky turned 6 times , Daily trading volume directly exceeds bitcoin and Ethereum , as 100 Billion dollars in transactions , Become a real one-day trading King .



Especially in 3 month 25 The day is coming 3 month 31 Japan , It seems that the whole cryptocurrency circle is brushing the screen Fil, Whether it's a server player or a secondary market player , The whole market is in a frenzy , Some are happy and some are sad , There is no need to say that you are happy , It's sad for those who haven't got on the bus yet .

02. Guess the story

Fil Is there really a mysterious hand behind the surge ?

about Fil Behind the price rise “ Pushing hands ”, A lot of people are guessing and doubting , Some people say that it's the resources snatched by a large number of institutions after admission , Because a lot of capital or large enterprises need to pledge and reduce Fil Market circulation , Others say it's because 4 The amount of market release dropped sharply in June , Some people say it's because the trust, known as the wind vane of encrypted investment, has increased its holdings Fil, Some people say it's the joint efforts of manufacturers , Or the official control panel to control the pace of digging , Some people say it's because of the epidemic and the US flood and many other conjectures .V     zhang228289

Many reasons , Together, it caused the recent upsurge in heat , However ,Fil Continued inflation is not a good thing , Although everyone can enjoy rising , But it's not until you think about it , It doesn't seem normal , Because it will increase the difficulty and threshold of participating in mining again , And right Filecoin Ecology doesn't seem to be friendly , therefore ,FIL The price in 4 month 2 There's a pullback on the day of the day .

From the perspective of human nature , Rising means asset appreciation , But from the perspective of the future and the overall situation , Stable rise and moderate correction are benign , Because all ecology can't be achieved overnight , All ecology needs an accumulation process , This is stable and self-healing .

03. Future period

Filecoin Still in the market dividend period

Someone might ask ,Fil The price is so high at the moment , Is it still a chance to get in ? Think about bitcoin and us , This question is easy to answer , Now what we see Fil Prices may just be at the bottom in the future .

After this surge, you'll find , Those who revel are those who have a long-term perspective , They picked the right track , These people can cross Fil Long term low prices and sideways , And those who regret either think that Filecoin People who don't have a future or just want to make short-term profits , So the farther you see, the more you can wait , Whatever happens in the middle .

Whether it's WEB3.0 Come on IPFS or Filecoin The needs of , Or the booming cryptocurrency economy , It's hard to imagine the future value of the storage sector leader , And for the participants ,Filecoin It's only until now that 6 Months time , And it's actually increasing every day , end 4 month 2 Japan , The daily release is about 37 ten thousand gold FIL.

Filecoin Digging is every 6 Half a year , Let's look at bitcoin and Ethereum , Even if the cost of participation is very high , But there are still a lot of people coming in , If the current price is used to calculate the current cycle, it is not a real investment , And just a speculator , Investors invest in the future , Your vision is the future 3 year 、5 year , We should calculate our input-output ratio at the future price , In the world of cryptocurrency , That's the right calculation .

The best time to plant a tree is ten years ago , The second is now !

Because with Fil Rise in price , The higher the cost of participation , therefore ,Filecoin Mining still follows “ The earlier the participation, the lower the cost 、 The earlier you get involved, the higher the return on investment ”,Fil How high will it go , I can't imagine .

2020 year 4 The price of bitcoin in June 4.5 ten thousand RMB,2021 year 4 Month bitcoin is about 40 ten thousand RMB, Who could have thought ?

04. Input output

Fil Mining cost choices and returns

A lot of people care about the cost of participation , So far, , The amount of pledge is the same in the whole network , and Gas Fees are different , Use 64G Sector encapsulated Gas The fee is 32G Sector encapsulation Gas Expensive 50%.

such as 32G Sector Gas need 5 gold Fil, So choose 64 Sector encapsulated devices only need 2.5 gold , according to 4 month 2 Daily price calculation , Every time T Computing cost savings 3250 element , If it is 100T Then save 30 More than ten thousand RMB.

The return rate of input and output is almost the same for every participant , With 100T For example , And single FIL With 1000RMB Calculation , I believe everyone can calculate the rate of return .

More and more people participate, which means more and more people are optimistic about , This is the trend , Why don't you choose trends ? Following capital and trends is better than most people .V     zhang228289

No matter what Fil Is the price going to go back or go up next , Its story has just begun .

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