Blockchain technology and Tencent security boost digital copyright protection of Shanghai "e-shield plan"

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blockchain technology tencent security boost

To start with all your strength “ Shanghai Culture ” brand , carry out “ Shanghai culture and Innovation Co., Ltd 50 strip ”, Strengthen the copyright protection of digital cultural and creative content , Help the creation and production of high-quality digital copyright content , Promote digital rights trading in the whole city , Shanghai takes the lead in providing services for small, medium and micro cultural and creative enterprises and individuals 、 Provide free digital rights preservation special action “ Yidun project ”, The launch was held in 4 month 2 Shanghai film and television copyright service center successfully held .

At the meeting , On behalf of the sponsor 12426 Wu guanyong, director of the copyright monitoring center, introduced in detail “ Yidun project ” Specific service content . It is reported that , This activity is for having pictures 、 Short video 、 music 、 Audio 、 written words 、 game 、 Animation and derivatives 、 The movie 、 Any type of copyright works such as TV series and variety shows , And small and medium-sized cultural and creative enterprises and individuals operating or registered in Shanghai . Those who meet the conditions can pass “ E-dog copyright open platform ” Enjoy free copyright protection service , Include : Blockchain storage of works 、 Free monitoring and rights protection services 、 Free email service 、 Litigation rights protection services and value-added services of regular monitoring and rights protection .

As “ Yidun project ” One of the technical support units of , Tao Sinan, general manager of Tencent security, shared Tencent security copyright protection plan at the scene . He put forward , Blockchain technology is increasingly becoming the preferred solution for copyright protection , It can be verified by information 、 Traceability 、 No tampering 、 Open and transparent , There is a natural correspondence with copyright tracing . Based on blockchain system , It can realize the rapid confirmation of content copyright , Make the transaction flow clear , So as to effectively save offline costs .

Tencent's secure copyright protection plan provides one-stop copyright monitoring and protection services ,“ Yes ( Affirm the right ) second instance ( to examine ) Three checks ( Surveillance ) Four rounds ( Send a letter ) Five bars ( Intercept ) Six proofs ( obtain evidence ) Seven rights , For the whole platform , Implement multi-dimensional for all types of works 、 Full time monitoring , To secure “ Yidun project ” The smooth implementation of , To provide more works with certificate protection, monitoring and rights protection services . Once problems are found , The legal department will follow up the whole process of offline processing , Proof on demand , Preferential litigation , Ensure the smooth operation of the whole process of intellectual property law enforcement and rights protection management system .

Tencent security copyright protection plan is based on the whole network detection 、 Defending rights and intercepting 、 The unique ability of tracing and obtaining evidence , Establish full coverage infringement monitoring scenario and full link right confirmation alliance chain , With intellectual property protection as the core , Supported by blockchain Technology , Build a perfect intellectual property right confirmation system 、 Online identification 、 Real-time monitoring 、 Evidence of infringement 、 The technical support system of evidence confirmation , Protect the work in the authorization 、 Use 、 To maximize the value of copyright in various ways such as dissemination .

At the practical level , Tencent's secure copyright protection program has made some achievements , On Tencent's content open platform ( Penguin ) On , Based on the ability of Tencent security Lingkun to monitor and lead the blockchain , Complete the original documents and keep the certificate 10 ten thousand +, The infringement issues the document to collect evidence 15000+, The whole network infringement monitoring has been completed 3500 ten thousand , The number of successful rights protection has reached 800 ten thousand . among , Tencent video daily infringement evidence collection times have exceeded 6000, The ability to attack copyright infringement has been significantly improved , Protecting the legitimate rights and interests of millions of original authors .

future , Tencent security will also provide “ Yidun project ” Keep delivering technology , Continuous promotion “ Blockchain +” The implementation of industry solutions , For the healthy development of industrial blockchain .

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