Grid quantitative Exchange Development (existing cases)

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grid quantitative exchange development existing

Grid trading strategy is a kind of trading method that does not need to predict the rise and fall trend of the market , Execute the transaction according to the price trend in the grid . It's usually buying when it's down , Sell when it goes up . Contrary to common price trend trading .

Applicable conditions of grid transaction :

  1. The market is in a volatile situation

Grid trading is mainly suitable for shaking the market , Because unilateral rising market is easy to short , Unilateral decline of the market is easy to cause losses .

  1. Trading varieties fluctuate greatly

The profit of grid Trading depends on the variety fluctuation , The more volatility , The more likely it is to touch the buying and selling lines , The more times you buy and sell , The more you cash in .

  1. Lower transaction costs

Because grid transactions are frequent , Therefore, it is necessary to choose varieties with lower transaction costs , Otherwise, all the income will subsidize the service charge .

If retail investors do grid Trading , There are a few issues that need to be considered :

  1. To ensure safety
  2. It needs to be easy to operate
  3. There is no extra charge for software use

Grid trading should be operated frequently in volatile market , Earn the difference over and over again , Buy low sell high , In order to get the benefits .

Grid trading is in a bear market , Divide the investment funds into n Equal parts , Buy low and sell high .

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