Filecoin is more than cryptocurrency

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filecoin cryptocurrency

Filecoin It's not just cryptocurrency .

that Filecoin What is it? ?

It's a decentralized storage network , Turning cloud storage into an algorithm market .

It's a blockchain , But it's very different from traditional bitcoin .

It's a reward mechanism , adopt FIL Form of currency , Encourage miners to actively provide users with storage and retrieval services .

It's also an agreement , Through three proof mechanisms —— Proof of reproduction 、 Space time proof and zero knowledge proof , To provide efficient storage space , And get the corresponding FIL The coin .

Today's cloud storage solutions provide fast 、 Highly scalable , And relatively low cost data storage . but , Pricing of storage and services on these cloud storage platforms , It's in the hands of a few companies that provide storage services . The cost of these storage solutions is related to the use of the company's proprietary software 、API、 Data infrastructure is closely related to servers and so on . That means , Storage buyers cannot directly and effectively access storage , You have to pay for a lot of extra services and features .

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It is estimated that , Enterprises waste every year 620 100 million dollars to buy more storage services than they actually need from large technology providers who provide professional cloud storage solutions . besides , Most of the storage itself exists near the data center that has been built or will be built , But these places are generally far away from the place where the data is generated or used for storage .

The choice of cloud storage providers is not free enough . With a huge network of data centers , And the participants with high brand awareness make the threshold for new market entrants very high . Migrating data from one provider to another can be slow 、 It's expensive , And there's no guarantee of interoperability .

We envision that there will be standardized interfaces in the future , It makes it easy for anyone to participate in the storage market as a provider .

Filecoin Provides a market based on blockchain that is expected to revolutionize the global storage economy .Filecoin The market provides a new and secure way for everyone to buy and sell storage .

Filecoin It's not just a network , The protocol lays the foundation for the market economy of storing and retrieving data around the market .

Filecoin The idea is , Open market for data storage and distribution , It will improve the efficiency that the centralized system cannot achieve . in the final analysis ,Filecoin It's the data market , An open exchange , You can provide storage rights to others in exchange for a certain fee .Filecoin The agreement itself provides the norm for almost all necessary market transactions , Suggestions from storage transactions , The data transfer , Proof of storage , Even data retrieval .

Filecoin, three markets , A network :

1) Storage market : Getting data on the Internet . Storage miners provide leased digital storage , The storage will be provided by Filecoin Network verification .

2) Search the market : Getting data from the Internet . The customer will FIL Pay to the search miner , To provide them with copies of verifiable data .

3) Token exchange : send FIL Enter or exit the network . Exchanges allow participants and customers , The miners , Other token holders , Even between other currencies or between FIL transaction .

Filecoin The launch of the two-sided market marks the beginning of a new two-sided market . Zhengzhou hospital for treating vulvar leukoplakia :

as everyone knows , It's hard to design successfully in a two-way market . The first problem is that you need both sides ( The buyer and the seller ) Show up , The second problem is that you need economic incentives to get both parties to work actively . Early misoperation may make the network spend a lot of time , Or worse , It will cause the network to never recover .

The challenges of building a successful market are diverse and complex .

Filecoin An interesting and unique property of the protocol is , How does it directly align economic incentives with network mechanisms . for example , Economically encourage the use of encryption to prove storage availability , But because of storage costs and proven customer transactions , The act of storing real data is more motivating . Similarly , Reward through blocks , The network encourages the technical behavior of providing data on request in a timely and effective manner , So as to promote the effective distribution of data . let me put it another way , The Internet directly inspires solutions to technical barriers .

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